May 22

FortACloud in Hot Water with Twitter Users

FortACloud, a cloud storage company, has come underfire for a recent advertisement. The ad offered discounted hosting and storage rates for customers, but included a picture of a woman, clad in only underwear, laying on a bed. The entire ordeal could have been easily dealt with, but FortACloud clearly doesn’t have a stealth public relations team.

When Twitter users called the company out for the objectification of women, the company responded to the tweets, but instead of apologizing they attempted to justify the advertisement. In one tweet, the company linked to a similar ad by another company. In another, the company noted that they were simply trying to reach their target demographic. Manta reported that Boraie Development LLC identified that the target demographic is young men.

Twitter users struck back stating that the picture did not offend, but the justification of the picture did. Several tweeters, all in the company’s target demographic responded by stating they would not be using the company’s services in the future.

FortACloud stopped responding, and media outlets have been unable to reach them. It appears, however, that the damage is done. FortACloud has trended on Twitter and thousands of users have weighed in on the advertisement

May 20

Skout is Having an Impact Across the Globe

Traveling is extremely exciting for most people, as it gives people an opportunity to see new and interesting parts of the world. One of the most stressful parts of traveling can be finding new and interesting people to hang out with while you are in an unfamiliar city. Skout is a new app that attempts to solve the problem of not knowing anyone in the city by giving people a resource they can use to connect with locals quickly.
Skout started as a way for people to expand their social circles, but the introduction of the new travel feature, the app has exploded in popularity among those that love to travel. The travel feature allows you to make friends in different cities. So, if you ever wanted to know what living in New York is like, you can use the Skout app to make a friend in that city and ask them what the city is like. You can even take a virtual tour of the city with your new friend, so you can have a better idea of what navigating the city is like on a daily basis. Many people have started using the connections they make on Skout to enhance their own vacations. The app is available for both iOS and Android, making the app extremely easy to access for everyone that is interested in using it. This app is sure to help many people make the connections they were hoping for.
As technology continues to develop, the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. The impact of apps like Skout ( on Globalization is astronomical and they are permanently changing the way that we interact with one another. Over time it is likely that Skout will continue to grow, as more and more people discover just how powerful this app can be. Find more about Skout on their Wikipedia page.

May 19

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Hitting The Streets This Summer

Google has worked on a number of projects as a company. The most popular of them is its search engine, which has a large number of users. Google also has other projects up its sleeves. One of them, which has not gotten as much attention, is the self-driving cars.

Google has since announced that the self-driving cars will be gracing the streets of Mountain View, California pretty soon. This cars will only be available as prototypes. For safety purposes, there will be an emergency driver in each of the cars.

The cars will be going at a speed of 25 mph. According to Google, they have been involved in 11 accidents. The company however points out that each of those accidents was caused by human drivers and not the cars.

The cars are set to be released to the public in 2020. Sam Tabar says the purpose of the testing is to look at how the cars behave when placed under different complex situations a congested place or a place which is impassable due to construction work.

Google is also involved in other amazing projects. They include Google contact lenses, which will be able to test a person’s sugar level through their tears, project loon, which will connect two thirds of the rest of the world to the internet, a modular smartphone, which will have upgradable features and Google fiber, which will provide high speed internet to users.

May 18

Success or Failure?

The Apple Company has produced almost every form of technical device possible. TVs, phones, computers, music players, speakers, laptops, and even watches are on the company’s roster. Recently, the company has done their best to move into new, uncharted territory. infrationweek reports The mobile payment option. Apple Pay was launched in October of 2014. Apple critics and supporters were interested to see how well the mobile payment feature would be in the hands of iPhone users. Not much talk has been mentioned about the feature, and technology advisors are wondering if Apple’s advancement was a modern day flop. Researchers at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported that Apple Pay fell well under previously expected projections. People at Amen Clinics ( have learned that the company also stated that these low numbers are the sole responsibility of the company. Apple made the mobile payment feature available only to iPhone 6 ad iPhone 6 Plus users. Only 18 percent of all iPhones in use are iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus versions of the phone. Of that 18 percent, only 5 percent of those people admit to using Apple Pay when they can remember that they have that feature. Apple has done their best with this program and plan to keep it on their roster. They argue that mobile payment options are fairly new. People are used to paying for products with credit and debit cards or cash. Researchers project that it will take years for the populous to catch on to mobile money management. At this rate, Apple stands to be ahead of the curve.

May 18

Sally Beauty Supply POS System Hacked

Sally Beauty Supply announced it has been hacked for the second time in a year. Data from customer credit cards were breached.

The Texas-based beauty chain has avoided disclosing just how many credit cards were compromised, but in March 2014, they had another breach akin to this one, affecting 25,000 of their customers.

This compromise hits Sally right before retailers will be required to upgrade all point-of-sale systems.

This new system, Europay MasterCard VISA (EMV), and already being used in Europe, is based on smart chip technology which establishes an exclusive code per transaction, creating an arduous task for charlatans to copy and use credit/debit cards.

European retailers have reported a 58 percent reduction in credit card fraud since implementing the system.

The old and reliable magnetic stripe cards have been used as the dominant payment method for more than three decades, but their main disadvantage is its vulnerability to fraud.

Fraudsters have found ways of using devices called “skimmers” to intercept the information encoded in these magnetic strips, and use it to make fraudulent purchases.

US-based retailers have until October 1st to upgrade their POS systems, or become liable for those credit/debit charges that are found to be fraudulent.

The company declined announcing which stores or states had been affected by the breach, but they are encouraging their customers to monitor their bank accounts. The folks at Beneful acknowledge on their Facebook the gravity of this type of situation.

May 17

The 94 Year Old Student

West Virginia University is about to prove that determination can get you anywhere. Setting the stage is Anthony Brutto, a 94 year old man and World War II veteran. Brutto enrolled at WVU in 1939, only to get drafted into the army soon after. Abandoning his studies, Brutto served his country until returning and enrolling once again. He resumed his school work until once again fate conspired against him. His wife grew ill, and he had to take care of her. Dedication guided him through the years as he worked for different factories. Unfortunately for Brutto, the idea of graduating college seemed to have eluded his grasp.

Brutto refused to give up and later in life he decided to finish what he started, which made Susan McGalla pretty proud of him. The 94 year old is now slated to graduate with roughly 4500 other students from WVU. Thanks to his daughter Lisa’s work with the University’s policies, he can finally get his diploma. This is a happy end for a man who has worked hard and asked for little. Anthony Brutto teaches all of us that with motivation, we can succeed at what we put our minds to.

May 17

Another Victim in Amtrak Crash

Recent reports reveal that an eighth victim has been found as a result of an Amtrak crash in Pittsburgh. The body was found when cadaver dogs searched through the wreckage. The person was found in the first car of the train. This seems to be where most of the damage occurred. The front of the train looks to be obliterated. It’s very surprising that there weren’t more people who were killed. The rescue efforts of the city have been very professional in that there have been people on the scene from the time the train crash happened. If it weren’t for the dedication of these individuals, there might not be answers for families who were looking for family and friends.


These are the people who make sure they find everyone who is involved in any kind of accident so that there is closure for the families if there is a death and so that those who are injured can get the help they need. Gianfrancesco Genoso likes that they put in all the effort.

May 11

Something’s Got to Give, Professionally Speaking

Being a retail management professional for over ten years, I know how important it is to reach out and make lasting connections, not only with potential hires from recruiting efforts, but also with peers that can provide guidance, or lateral promotions. Because of my experience in the industry, I jumped on the LinkedIn wagon long ago, and now have an extensive contacts list, which is extremely hard to keep track of. When using the site, Ray Lane finds it difficult to sift through, and respond to, important people and discussions, that are relevant to my immediate career path. This sort of unorganized structure has even spilled over into my email account, which I once used to give myself some order to this dilemma. Regardless of the hassle I put up with, I feel I must keep my account going in case I need to contact someone I usually wouldn’t. So now I just delete everything I receive from LinkedIn, and only participate in the congrats of new jobs, happy work anniversaries, and leadership discussions when I break down, and, begrudgingly, log on.

May 11

Hacker Hephaestos Creates USB Kill Switch

Have you ever been sitting the library minding your own business when suddenly men in black trench coats come rushing in and rip your laptop out of your hands? Probably not, but if you are the paranoid type with a lot of things you’d like to hide on your computer, USBkill might be for you.

Hacker Hephaestos has created a Python script called USBkill that will essentially turn any USB drive into a kill switch for your computer. It works by monitoring your USB drive for any changes. If the USB drive gets pulled out, the script will kill your computer instantly.

The ultra-paranoid among us could attach themselves to the USB drive with a wrist strap. Upon being put in custody by the police the USB drive will be successfully yanked from the computer. No more damning criminal evidence for federal prosecutors.

People at Boraie Development are wondering: Is this script for everyone? I don’t think so. I personally wouldn’t enjoy the prospect of knowing I could accidentally kill my computer if I accidentally pulled out the USB thumb drive. Everyone has different needs though, I suppose.

The script does require an encrypted file system to function. It’s still under development, although it is said to work quite well in its current form. I’ll leave it up to you to try it.

May 01

Clean Clothes or Clean Dishes

One of the issues that some homemakers are talking about is whether they want a dishwasher or a laundromat in the home. It would likely depend on whether you have children or not as to which one you would want. Some parents wouldn’t know what to do without a washing machine and dryer, but a dishwasher is a benefit for those who have large families and tend to cook every meal during the week.


Dirty dishes seem to pile in the sink regardless of how many times you wash them, so a dishwasher is probably what many people like Alaor would want if they had to make a choice as you can take your clothes to a laundromat. Some might like a laundromat anyway because you can wash several loads at one time instead of only one at a time at home. If there was an option for a few washing machines and dryers in the home, then this might be the way to go for families.

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