Mar 27

Body Camera Catches Police Officer’s Heroic Act On Film

There has been a plethora of police incidents resulting in civilian deaths in the last year. As a result of all of these unrelated incidents and, especially after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been a public call for officers to be outfitted with body cameras. The majority of people that want required body cameras on police officers are hoping to add accountability to those that uphold the law and possibly catch them doing something wrong. People at Anastasia Date wonder: What if these cameras open the public’s eyes to the constant good work these men and women do daily, because they want to, not because it is simply a job. In Griffin, Georgia police officer Sgt. Joe Hudson braved a burning home, without a second thought, in order to save a small boy trapped inside. The entire heroic event was captured on video and is now available for viewing online. Instead of trying to catch people doing bad, let’s catch them doing good and create a more positive relationship between police and civilians.

Mar 19

NBC Won’t Be Part of Apple’s TV Service

Rumors have been circulating that Apple is planning on launching its own television service this year. Now we know a few more details about the project, specifically how it pertains to NBC content.

Christian Broda has learned that Apple’s televisions service will reportedly cost between $30 and $40 per month and will give viewers access to roughly 25 channels. More information on Broda can be found on his Wikipedia page. The key of course being what channels. $30 puts the service on par with most cable providers basic plans, however, Apple will be offering premium channels within that mix of 25, making its service preferable for many who don’t want to take on the high costs of a cable plan. Content will also reportedly be available both as a live stream and on demand, so users can watch what they want when they want.

One wrinkle in Apples carefully laid plans however, is NBC. NBC is owned by Comcast, which is one of the cable companies that Apple will be essentially stealing customers from with the service. A new report suggests that Comcast will allow NBC to be part of Apple’s plans to include NBC, but content from the network will only be available if users also have a cable subscription. No NBC could be a big deal breaker for many television watchers, although it might not be a huge snag for others.

Mar 16

Sprint Will Cover the Cost of You Switch To Them

Sprint is prepared to cover the cost of you making the switch to them over another carrier. The company just launched a new promotion that promises to cover the cost of you making the switch to the carrier, even if that cost os the price of your phone. Under the new agreement, Sprint will not only pay the early termination fees you owe, it will also pay off the remaining balance on your existing phone. If you just purchase a new iPhone 6, for instance, then that could mean Sprint would be paying out close to $1k to get you to change teams.

Sergio Cortes knows that, like all good deals, there is a catch: you have to turn in your old phone. As much as anything this is because Sprint runs on a different wireless band in the United States than its competitors. That said, if you’ve already paid off a bunch of your new phone then this could be a pretty crappy deal. When you get a new phone from Sprint you’ll still have to buy it, just like you did from your old carrier, meaning now you might be paying almost double to have that iPhone 6 on another carrier.

Mar 12

Stickers on the Keyboard

Some people like to still type words while they are chatting with their friends. However, there are some people who seem to want to use pictures, or emojis, in order to share how they are feeling. Now, those people don’t need to worry about searching for stickers or emojis in a databse. All they have to do is look at a keyboard. When you type an emoji, you usually have to hunt for the right keys to make a combination that you want. New keyboard stickers have been releaed that make it easier to get the right emoji. Zeca Oliveira knows that the technical world is making it easier than ever for people to be lazy when it comes to English skills or any other typing skill that they mgiht have learned while in school. It’s not teaching anyone how to use the proper keys in order to type correctly on a computer. Maybe one day everyone will stop talking altogether and use stickers on their faces to hold a conversation.

Mar 08

Bathroom Selfies Banned From Skout

Due to celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Mariah Carey posting near nude selfies from the bathroom on Skout, it has become an issue of morality on Skout. People all over the world copy the media’s influence therefore, there are more and more bathroom nude selfies popping up on Skout. Skout is a social network and dating app that has over 220 million users. It also does not take kindly to abuse of media and inappropriate posts. The celebrities that post bathroom selfies are the worst culprits because they are being viewed by millions of viewers all over the world and influencing everyone on Skout. This is not what social networks are made for.

Other social networks are not banning such postings but at least one of them out there has a the decency to put an end to this inappropriate behavior. Even though it can be construed as a dating app and is often called a flirting app, this does not mean that inappropriate photos should be shared. The banning of such photos on Skout is a sign of respect for viewers and even the people posting these photos.

The PR Manager of Skout, Jordan Barnes claims, “This cliché of shirtless people showing off their abs — we’re not having that”. We are glad that someone has some respect for their social network and will not stand for these types of things or even give warnings. Warnings are not enough to keep these posts off the website. They need to be completely banned and that is what Skout has done. Let’s all give a round of applause for Skout.

Barnes also says that, “If you’re dressed, it’s fine”. The only photos that will not be tolerated on Skout is nude or nearly nude photos. They do realize that bathroom selfies have become a trend, set by celebrities but that does not mean that they have to be without clothes. That is just in-decent.

Barnes revealed that this decision to ban nude bathroom selfies was decided after some research, learning that these types of photos do not even increase a user’s popularity. It actually decreases a shocking 43%. If you think about it, people that are trying to meet new people and start serious relationships do not want to see near nude photos. This is a turn off and the social network might even become less popular by allowing this. Skout prides on being a respectable website for people to make new relationships.

Mar 05

Apple Now Ships More Smartphones Than Samsung

Apple might ship more phones now than Samsung. That’s according to analysts at Gartner. According to them, the once exceptionally close race has now been overtaken by the Cupertino company. Gartner estimates that Apple was able to edge out Samsung in the fourth quarter, shipping 74.8 million iPhones to Samsung’s 73 million Galaxy devices.

Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that it is important to note, the number of devices a company ships isn’t always representative of the number of devices it actually has sold. Both companies could have shipped out a number of handsets only to have them sit in warehouses or at retails stores unsold.

Despite the strong quarter for Apple, Samsung is still thought tot have sold the most smartphones over the course of the year. The company is thought to have shipping a mind boggling 307.6 million handsets globally over the course of the year. Apple on the other hand just shipped 191.4 million in 2014.

Mar 04

The Antique Wine Company: Treasure of London

The Antique Wine Company is one of the most well known and prestigious wine companies in the world today. Although it was started less than 30 years ago by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company has grown every year and is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in London. With its various wines and wine services, the company has grown its customer base to include people of all ages and income groups. Historically, wine was for only the most wealthy in society. However, as economies around the world improve and the purchasing power of the consumer increases more people than ever are consuming wine.

The Antique Wine Company was founded about thirty years ago as a small winery that also offered wine services to customers. Customers can still tour the facility and see how the wine is made and pressed. Many people who are visiting London make a special trip out to the winery just to see how the wines are made. Even though millions of people around the world regularly drink wine, there are not many people who understand how wine is made from start to finish. The Antique Wine Company seeks to provide not only a great product but education to its customers.

The Antique Wine Company is also known for selling the most costly white wine bottle in history. The bottle sold for more than anyone expected at an auction and was more than most people make in Europe during an entire year. When the white bottle of wine sold at auction this led to a huge amount of publicity for The Antique Wine Company. Ever since the bottle of wine was sold for a record price, the company has had no problem selling its product or driving traffic to its winery.

Overall, The Antique Wine Company has done a great job of reaching out to the customer with a quality product at a great price. However, they have also been great at educating the consumer through the wine process, as well as opening up their winery and wine services for people to tour. The Antique Wine Company has built up goodwill in the community of London and is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. If The Antique Wine Company can continue to make customers the priority its growth will continue in the future.

Mar 04

Order Lunch From Your Watch

One of the latest developments with a potential Apple watch is that you can order fast food right from your wrist. There looks to be some kind of app that will let you order a meal from a fast food restaurant from the Apple device. The first company that you will likely be able to order food from is Panera Bread. There could be more restaurants in the near future after the watch is on the market. Dr. Jennifer Walden has heard that there will be a quick pay service that will make it easy to order food, pay for it and pick it up so that you don’t have to wait in line. This is a feature that will save a lot of people a lot of time as they won’t have to spend extra time on their lunch break from work or bother with taking the kids inside when they aren’t listening. This development looks to be a winner all around.

Mar 02

Renting an Entire Hungarian Village


The tiny Hungarian village of Megyer (population 18) made headlines recently when the entire community offered its location for rent. For 210,000 forints, the equivalent of $750, companies or individuals can now lease Megyer for a day. The rental includes four streets, seven guest houses, a bus stop, two cows, three sheep, ten acres of fields, a chicken yard, six horses and a barn. Tenants will even be given the right to select new names for streets for the day. This offer recently attracted media discussion.

Why is Megyer taking this step? Mayor Kristoff Pajer, a 42-year old engineer, hopes that the offer to rent the entire community of Megyer will help revitalize the village’s economy. Megyer was founded during the medieval period (it dates from the Eleventh Century). However, during recent years the tiny hamlet located some 120 miles southwest of Budapest has not experienced a particularly vibrant economy.

The Mayor recently provided an interview in which he noted that the bucolic charms of Megyer hold attractions said Haidar Barbouti. He explained that visitors often respond to the rural environment favorably “most are simply captivated by the surroundings and the quiet”.

The Mayor suggested that companies renting the village might be able to use the opportunity to develop constructive teamwork. For instance, they might build team morale by using the day to undertake a worthwhile group project, such as painting swings in the village playground.

Feb 26

Google to Censor all Adult Content Blogs on Blogger Come March 23

Google has taken a further stand against adult content by making all blogs that contain adult images private after mid-March. Bloggers received an automated email this week that outlined the new policy. According to the e-mail, all blogs that contain adult images or images considered inappropriate will be made private on March 23, 2015. The ability to make such blogs public will be removed from the dashboard on that date as well. Google does not plan to delete the blogs.

Blogger has been on the decline for several years as a blogging platform, and industry experts are left wondering why changes to the policy are being made now. Many of Bloggers most successful blogs have been moved off to alternate platforms, like WordPress.

The change also comes two years after Google banned the monetizing of blogs containing adult content. The company also banned the use of advertisements for adult websites and stores on all Blogger blogs in 2013 stated Marc Sparks.

Some fear that the news is an indication of serious and significant restructuring within the company. For years, Google has put out products, many of which have succeeded, but many of which have not. All those products are still available on some level. Experts believe this move with Blogger will truly relegate the platform to the “failed product” pile.

Google, at this time, has no plans to delete any content that is being stored on the Blogger server, even those of abandoned blogs, but many bloggers wonder why they are being censored now, after so many years.

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