Nov 27

Facts About CipherCloud You Should Know

CipherCloud is a respected cloud security company based in the United States. The company makes it possible for cloud services adoption while at the same time ensuring that compliance, security and control are observed. Its unique cloud security platform provides comprehensive cloud date risk assessment, data protection, very strong tokenization, data loss protection, malware detection as well as key management. In short, the company makes it possible for extensive user activity without forgetting top-notch monitoring services.

The company was founded in 2010 but launched in February 2011 and it used to work alone back then. In the same year, it added Amazon Integration to its services and it was able to make its first successful seed funding in worth $1.4 million. In June the following year, it released its phenomenal Gmail encryption and by September of the following year, its platform could easily encrypt other platforms as well. It also launched a phenomenal app called ConnectAnyApp that allowed users to specify fields on any webpage, encrypt them and preserve any data and operations.

In December 2012, it managed to close a $30 million funding deal. The funding was spearheaded by Index Ventures and many other telecommunication companies participated. Soon after the investment, a former Chief Executive Officer of Fortify Software joined the company’s board before it opened its European headquarters in London. In 2013, it opened its Australia headquarters.

In January 2014, it acquired CloudUp Networks and developed a software that helps users have an easy time tracking data at the same time when it is moved through cloud environments. The software also restricts data that is not authorized to be moved. In April the same year, it released a new product that makes it very easy to analyze cloud applications and it is used by businesses for better visibility because it determines the amount of risk contained by the data within the organization.

In November 2014, CipherCloud made an announcement that it was closing its second series of funding worth $50 million. The round was very successful and it is expected to continue being a benchmark leader when matters related to offering the best cloud storage and encryption are concerned.

The company serves as the gateway that helps encrypt data in real time before it transmits it to a cloud environment. The best thing with the company is the fact that it does not decrypt the data unless an authorized user retrieves it from the cloud. It also ensures that it stores all its encryption keys locally and they never leave the site or get shared with the cloud provider.

The platform is also very able to substitute all sensitive data elements with those that are not sensitive. CipherCloud is also known for offering top of the range malaware and data loss monitoring services for all cloud services.

Nov 20

Eric Pulier Still Making Strides In Technology

Los Angeles-based author and entrepreneur Eric Pulier started programming computers when he was in fourth grade. His love for technology has made him one of the most sought-after governmental tech gurus in the industry. Pulier has founded and co-founded a number of corporations that were funded by some of the most respected venture capital groups in the world.

Pulier moved to the Los Angeles area after graduating from Harvard. He founded his first company, People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991. The company provided healthcare and educational services with technology. His next venture was social network for sick children called Starbright World. As word of Pulier’s technology expertise made its way around certain circles, he was hired oversee man important jobs. In 1997, he was contracted to create an exhibit for the Clinton/Gore inauguration. The “Path To The 21st Century exhibit was placed on the Washington D.C. square. He was later brought aboard as a consultant with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pulier continued to make his bones as a mover and shaker by creating other ventures including Desktone and Media Platform. He has been voted among the top 30 e-visionaries by many software organizations. He is a popular speaker and makes regular appearances at a number of global venues. Pulier currently sits on the board of X-Prize and serves as a judge. X-Prize is one of the most important initiatives created in the last 20 years.
The purpose is to challenge individuals to create innovations that have the potential to help mankind.

Pulier gives personal and business donations to many organizations. The Painted Turtle Organization is near and dear to his heart. Children who suffer from life-threatening and chronic illnesses are helped tremendously through the program. Pulier says he often gives to generous causes and the ones that are most beneficial for children are his favorite.

Nov 17

Recovery From Down Fall in Chicago

It doesn’t always turn out that recovery is city wide. There are always going to be some areas that are not fairing as well as others. For one thing, areas of cities that are typically considered bad areas tend to suffer a lot worse when it comes to the market conditions. Chicago is one of those cities that were hit bad enough to be declared dead when the housing market bust. While there have been reports of recovery in Chicago, a closer look would reveal that the Chicago has not really recovered all that much except for a few areas.

There are still distressed sales and foreclosures in some of the worse off areas. Meanwhile, other areas in Chicago are reporting less distressed sales and prices rising. Even though the news is not that good, it is to be expected. Certain areas are going to recover at different rates than others as the housing market begins to build up again. However, there are certain things that could be done in order to help improve conditions in the areas that need improvement. In order for that to be possible, there has to be at least one person that is willing to provide the help needed for the market conditions to improve.

Fortunately, there is someone who is willing and possibly able to influence the market conditions in parts of Chicago that need improvement. This person is Majeed Ekbal. He is a great business man that has a wonderful work ethic. He is very passionate about his business and treats it like he would treat his child. He is very passionate about providing education and business opportunities for people who are not in the best areas of town. He also provides different services for the community such as shopping for people and helping them stock up on their groceries.

Majeed Ekbal also observes the market conditions and provides suggestions that could help people bring improvements to the economy of Chicago. Some of the areas he believes to be important are education and employment. He understands that if people are not getting good education, then they are not likely to get very far. Also, people are not going to be able to make it very far unless they are able to find jobs. It is hard to find a job if there are hardly any jobs available. Majeed Ekbal is all about creating opportunities for community development.

Nov 17

America’s Healthcare Boom

Healthcare is one of the core sectors of America’s economy. It is what keeps the American population healthy and well. Without a healthcare system like Nobilis Health, many American’s health would fail. The American healthcare sector has experienced growth over the years, and it is expected to continue to do so. Technology that is used for healthcare has gotten more and more advanced as years have gone on. This will likely continue to benefit both those using the healthcare system and the healthcare industry.

The technological advancements have occurred in many different aspects of healthcare. Medications have improved in terms of their efficacy. This has enabled many additional conditions to be treatable or curable. This has had the effect of bringing more people into medical treatment and extending the human lifespan. In addition to advancements in medications on nobilishealth.must appearcom, surgical procedures have also advanced. More surgeries can be performed without spending any days in the hospital. Same day surgery is being used for more procedures than ever. There is also a greater range of surgeries that can be done, including non-same day surgeries.

Healthcare companies such Nobilis Health benefit from this due to the fact that there are more things that people are using healthcare services for. The fact that there are new procedures that can be performed means that people will be using healthcare companies to get them done. In the later years of the extended lifespan that is made possible by technological advances, people commonly require the services of the healthcare system on a regular basis to remain well. Due to the fact that many elderly citizens depend on the healthcare system, the healthcare companies have a larger market. Many technological advances make it possible for conditions to be successfully treated using doctor’s offices, clinics, same day surgical facilities, and other outpatient facilities.

Nobilis Health is one company that exists on the cutting edge of these advancements. They focus a lot of their business in the growing field of same day surgery. Their facilities for this are in two Texas cities. In addition, they have another one in Scottsdale, Arizona. There is also a small hospital in Bellaire, Texas that Nobilis uses for more advanced types of operations. Urgent care is also an important facet of the healthcare sector, and Nobilis Health on is involved in it. Nobilis runs a clinic for urgent care. This facility is in Spring, Texas.

Nobilis has been growing in recent times. Their growth has been phenomenal this month. Company stock has climbed a massive 8 percent. A new facility is being opened by Nobilis. When the doors of the new facility open, stocks will likely begin rising some more. For these reasons, Nobilis is an excellent choice for any investor.

The healthcare sector is doing great. Numerous healthcare corporations are experiencing growth. Nobilis is one of them. They run multiple high tech facilities. Their facilities are known as some of the best places to get procedures done. The physicians at these facilities are known to be extremely skilled.

Nov 16

Adam Sender: A Legendary Art Collector

Adam Sender began collecting art in 1998. He quickly became an art connoisseur, amassing a very impressive collection of around 800 works by 139 artists. He joined the ranks of famous art collectors such as Gertrude Stein, J.P. Morgan and Doris Duke. In fact, he shared a great deal in common with the great art collectors. Acting as a both a savvy businessman and an art philanthropist.

Mr. Sender was the founder of Exis Capital Management,Inc. Through his wise investment strategies and keen eye for art, he became a very wealthy man and prominent figure in the art world. He is also widely acclaimed for his philanthropy. He created a website for those interested in displaying his collections to make requests to exhibit his art. He created a lending library for his art. Although it is a common practice for private collectors to keep their art private, Mr. Sender readily shared his art with the world. He happily made his art available to museums for various exhibits.

Adam Sender loves art, and viewed his collection as an evolution of contemporary art. He has a keen eye for the art work that would grow in value and prominence. This would lead to the net worth of his business and art work soaring to unimaginable heights.

In 2014, Mr. Sender closed his firm, Exis Capital Management,Inc. After careful consideration, he decided to have his massive art collection auctioned at Sotheby’s. In keeping with his generous philanthropy, he also donated several of his works of art to museums. Although Mr. Sender’s time as an art collector had come to an end, the impression he made upon the art world will remain. His masterful business acumen has earned him a place beside all the great names of the art collector world. His passion for art will be remembered for generations to come.

Nov 12

Coriant’s leader Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir currently joined Coriant and was named the chairman and chief executive officer of the board. This follows after closely working with the head managing team as operating partners at Marlin Equity partners. Shaygan came in to succeed DiPietro, the president and CEO who was to take up the position of vice chairman at Coriant. His succession comes in as a calling to facilitate the growth of Coriant to survive the competition in the diversified markets.

Shaygan, a graduate with a Ph.D., masters and bachelors in engineering from Cornell, is recognized mainly for his leadership in both technology and business for over two decades. He began his career at GTE Corporation and has been into different organizations where he has fostered great innovations. Following his great experience in operation, business and the industry as a whole, he is looked upon to really bring about great development.

Coriant has gone way far ahead to post upgrades on technology innovation globally, high working profile of data networking solutions and expanding the customer’s base on large enterprises. This is mainly what attracted Shaygan to the enterprise and he has been trusted to guide the company’s focused operations. Following his leadership, he is expected to carry out a critical role in broadening opportunities in the market as per the demand of application on intensive end user data.

In over a hundred countries, Coriant has emerged a leader in offering solutions on networking. It has attracted customers from great enterprises and even from government agencies since the solutions it’s offering are the basic foundation for the billion dollars collected as revenue in the end user service. For over thirty five years in technology innovation, solutions on mobile backhaul have been built and the company delivers high class optical transport.

Nov 10

Nobilis Health Treated My Pelvic Fracture

I would like to start off by saying that I have never met doctors who were better at their job than those who work at the Nobilis Health Northstar Healthcare Surgical Center in Houston. The doctor that treated me was so nice, and he made sure I was comfortable during my entire process, before and after my surgery. He made sure that I knew what was going on, and he made sure that my mind was at ease before they did the surgery for me as well. I am very happy that he took such good care of me. I am a 22-year-old man, and I play college basketball. During one of our games, I was knocked over and, unfortunately, I fell the wrong way. I went in for a check-up because I was having pain, and my regular doctor figured out that I had a pelvic fracture. He is just a primary care doctor, so he couldn’t do the surgery that I needed to fix the issue, but he sent me to the Nobilis Health Northstar Healthcare Surgical Center in Houston. That is when the doctor there talked to me and told me about the surgery that he could perform to help me out. Having a pelvic fracture is not good, and with my history of playing basketball, I am lucky that I will still be able to play again. My gratefulness is fully due to what the doctor at the excellent Nobilis Health facility was able to do for me. I was in too much pain before the surgery, and honestly, I thought my basketball dreams were over. While their doctor did tell me that I needed to take a bit of time off from playing, he did say that he would give me the all clear when he thought I was ready to play again. Basketball is my life, and my injury took that away from me for a while. The doctor at Nobilis Health helped me to continue my dream of playing basketball. Not only did Nobilis Health perform the surgery for me, but the doctor has also kept up with my care to make sure that I was healing well. He also wanted to make sure that I was following his plan so that the healing process was as quick as possible. He made sure that I rested and performed the exercises that he recommended. Nobilis Health is the one and only health care facility that I will be recommending to anyone from this point forward. Nobilis Health does their job well, and they make sure that their patients are taken care of as well. I am living proof that their surgery methods are safe, and the healing process doesn’t take forever either. I looked into the healing process with another healthcare facility, and I wouldn’t be as far as I am without the help of the doctor at Nobilis Health. I look forward to going back on the basketball court to play my heart out.

Nov 07


Brian Bonar is a man known for his prowess in the financial sector, has a degree in technical engineering from James Watt technical college, masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. He volunteered in numerous organizations an example is the Greater San Diego Boys and Girls.He has been a leader in the financial sector for a very long time. Among the places he has worked is IMB Tech Giant where he worked as a director, sales manager at Adaptec, the vice president of the Rastek Corporation and Bezier systems. The CEO of ITEC (imaging technologies corporation) and lastly at Dalrada Financial Corporation among other places.

In his careers, Brian is seen as a man who builds business institutions that work apart from him being employed. He went ahead and opened his company called Bezier systems though he had his education in engineering. The has been able to show his managerial skills in the many businesses that he has worked in also he has been seen to combine the technical genius of an engineer with a creativity of an architect.Trucept Inc is a company that deals with the management of the payroll, human resource administration also it brings solutions to small and medium companies. In this company Brian was the CEO, CFO and enabled the company to grow and become one of the best in the US, being able to manage the many businesses and growing its clientele through the services that they provided.Brian in an interview as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation which is among the top developers of software that manages colors and integration service organization for digital imaging hardware. The company has been providing administrative services for the small and medium sized business. In this, he also explains how the company is embarking on an expansion program to help more people in the sector.

Most of Brian’s success comes about when he as Dalrada financial corporation where in his years working in the company he has managed to rise through the ranks from an officer to the chairman of the board and as a director of the enterprise. As the CEO of the company Mr. Bonar made sure that this company grew and attained the position of one of the best firms in the field of finance. In his dedication as a leader he made sure that all in the company knew what the priorities were how the clients were handled and what was their position in the economic field also personal, corporate and public financial issues, with this in mind he was able to make Dalrada a firm to reckon with both in insurance and financial services.

Oct 31

A $1.5 Million Cancer Research support By Omar Boraie.



The great need and desire for a breakthrough in cancer diagnosis and treatment has led to an establishment of Omar Boraie chair in genomic science. Boraie himself has pledged a $1.5 million dollar to support the chair. Mr. Boraie has an extensive and professional chemistry background and significant interest in cancer research. He is a developer from New Brunswick. Just like in higher education uses gold standards, endowed chairs show a university’s commitment at the highest levels of a particular academic discipline. It also ensures there is continued support as well as monitoring the progress.


Rutgers University has established an 18 chair challenge campaign that aims in having each chair raise $1.5million. This campaign will raise a total of $3million for each endowment. Each day, the way in which medical professionals are approaching cancer diagnosis and treatment is changing. This trend is being influenced by the progress made in the field of genomic science. The new methods evolving include having cancer cell analyzed and treated at a genetic level. This discovery has allowed oncologists to prescribe individual therapy for a better outcome. To show its national significance, President Obama announced the intention to launch a National precision medicine initiative. This announcement was at the state of the union address. The action would help focus in finding cancer and other diseases cure.


There are also several other institutions in the country applying next generation gene sequencing research on tumors. Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey is the only facility performing such research. It is also among the first in the whole country to apply genomic sequencing method. This method has been very useful in identifying therapies for patients with rare cancers. Besides those patients whose treatment options are limited or ineffective have also benefited. It is now possible to clarify cancers with similar characteristics, but different genetics using genomic sequencing approach. Besides, it’s now possible to determine individual cancer therapy. On responsive cancer patients have prompted Rutgers physician- scientist to make a significant advance in using precision medicine.


Mr. Boraie is confident that it’s possible to apply that science to all cancer patients. When making this support pledge, he is hopeful that it will leverage the support for other patients too. His family’s desire into supporting cancer research and treatment in New Brunswick and behold does Mr. Boraie an integral part of New Brunswick development as “healthcare city”. The Rutgers Cancer Institute director was very grateful for Mr. Boraie generosity.


The above article is a summary of an article first published on the net wise website through the following link.


Oct 30

Susan McGalla Serves As Inspiration For Female Business Owners

Susan McGalla is definitely inspiring the new generation of female executives that are coming into the business world. She has certainly become someone that has influenced me. As a woman that owns a business I look at all of the major moves that she has made. This inspires me to go even farther in establishing my organization. It gives me the confidence that it can be done.

Susan of bizjournals has worked in lots of different roles, but most people identify with her role as a CEO in the retail industry. The reason that this stands out in the minds of many has to do with the fact that she has worked at the CEO level more than once for two different organizations. This is impressive and unprecedented. There are very few female executives that can make this claim. The thing that I am the excited about is that Susan still chose to go her own route and start up her own company even after she worked in the role of CEO.

What Susan is able to do is encourage a lot of females like me that are interested and redefining the business world. There was a time that many women that wanted to own businesses struggled to get loans and to become a true competitor in the business world. Susan McGalla has been one to always encourage women that are in positions of power to continue breaking the glass ceiling and opening the doors for other females. She has this uncanny ability to present herself in a way that shows that she is an expert in the area that she is consulting in. That is very important in the business world, and that is why she encourages so many women that want to own businesses to become educated. She always speaks on the value of higher education, and I believe that this is the foundation that she stands on. I also believe that this is one of the reasons that many other business leaders have been successful as well. Lots of people like to fall back on the story of the college dropout that we all know as Bill Gates. He was a rare exception to the rule. Women are going to have a much harder time building up their own companies if they don’t have the credentials that prove that they know what they are trying to convey. This may be the reason that Susan McGalla is such a strong advocate for higher education.

Over the years she has spoken for a lot of different organizations, and she has become one of the most prolific speakers in the retail industry. She is someone that has gone through the trial and error that comes with developing a brand. She is also someone that has experience with a variety of different situations. She has worked at lower levels of various organizations. She has also worked in top executive roles. This wide spectrum of work experience gives her a diverse amount of knowledge.

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