Jul 28

Brian Bonar and Importance of Strong Finance Management

When I started studying finance I found that these departments had a lot of responsibility. It really didn’t seem to matter how well a company was doing. If the finance department is out of synch then the whole company will eventually falter. That is why it is so important to have a strong finance management department leader in place.

I discovered Brian Bonar as the CEO of Trucept. He has been there for more than 4 years, and the company has seen some grow under his leadership. He has been able to produce and keep investors happy for Trucept so the stock has been able to flourish. There have been some ups and downs just like any other business entity, but Brian – for the most part – has been able to weather the storm and make this staffing company thrive. He has had former experience in financial services and outsourcing services, and I believe that this may be the main thing that has made him successful. In a former position he worked with Dalraida Financial Services for 16 years. In the job before that he held on to a position as the founder and managing member of AMS Outsourcing. This gave Bonar 6 years of experience. This is an excellent combination because he knows the staffing side and the financial side of the business. That is the very reason that Trucept has been able to thrive in the last 4 years.

Any company that is going to be successful must have a successful financial department to place that line in the sand. Many executives will spend money relentlessly because they are passionate about a certain idea or concept. It may take the strong leadership from executives in finance to really analyze the potential investment and decide if this is worth considering. The finance department leaders – in most cases – serve as that fine toothed comb that checks to see if there is really a true return on investment from what is going to be spent. The department also has the put for the effort to see where funds are going to come from if money is being spent.

I have seen companies fold just because they don’t have the right financial management team in place. Money will be spent heavily, but there may not be any plan in place to see how the company will bounce back from the spending or make a return on investment. Bonar is in a good place because he has the ability to make decisions about the company from the mindset of someone that has ran a financial services organization. He has the insight to plan according to what the company truly needs.

Jul 28

Benefits of Investing in Brazil

It is extremely exciting to invest in Brazil, since it’s one of the strongest countries in Latin American. Indeed, this country offers investors tremendous and great opportunities for growth. Some key strength to investing in Brazil is due to involvement of high demand product and services like energy. Another critical area that offers strength while investing in Brazil is the financial services, which have greatly benefited from strong economic growth. This growth is important in highlighting the financial services of Brazil for offering some comfort and bearing in mind that citizens will still require such services in future.


The monetary authorities in Brazil have kept their currency relatively stable. This country is significantly exposed to great opportunities such as technology, automobiles, oil and consumable goods and due to this, it has continued to attract overseas investors. Brazil has abundance of natural resources that can be used to manufacture automobiles to very tiny products like hair pins. Years of hyper-inflation and unpredictable domestic currency are in the past. There are several positive things that investors will benefit from after investing in Brazil.


Zeca Oliveira is a famous entrepreneur who has invested in financial services in Brazil. His company Bridge Trust and Gradual Investimentos signed an agreement that would give rise to a financial group. Under this new entity, Zeca Oliveira would be responsible for fund and resource management. The businessman believes this new alliance would allow gradual cross selling of different products and services and maximize on loyalty of their customers. Indeed, they agree that this partnership would pave way for gradual advancement and growth in design and supply of new services to clients.


Outside investors have been given an opportunity to invest in Brazil. The country has excellent investment climates for non-resident investors; both individuals and legal entities. These investors can venture into financial and capital market without many restrictions. However, foreign investors are required to enlist local entities to be their custodian on issues related to tax and regulatory. Furthermore, they are required to register with Brazilian Central Bank, regulator of stock market and other authorities.


Brazil is emerging as a top market because it’s properly positioned for new growth and development opportunities. There are some regulations to be followed for one to invest in Brazil. There are several options available and investors should take this opportunity to conduct feasibility study to enable them choose the right investment project depending on their capacity and ability.

Jul 21

Successful Investing in the Market

Financial money management is vital modern skill. People must be able to determine how much money they are earning in any given time frame as well as where the funds were spent. In many cases, people find out that they have funds left over during any given pay period. Many people choose to invest their remaining money in investments that they hope will grow and allow them to be able to do tasks such as saving for retirement, purchasing a house and paying for the education of their children. When an investor is able to use his saved funds effectively, they are able have a growing nest egg that allows them to relax and enjoy life more without worrying about how they are going to pay their bills.

Many investors find that it is essential to invest in the markerplace. The stock and bond markets are international markets that can allow the investor to buy small parts of a government and bits of companies across the globe. Business people who are able to understand all aspects of the market find that they can confidently make investment decisions and figure out which particular investments are ideal for their specific investment goals and plans.

Even an investor who understands the basics of the market will often find it helpful to consult with an investment professional for help in a given area of investing. One such investor is Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is a highly successful investor who is based in Brazil and the United States. Under his leadership, many investors have been able to work closely with the Latin American market to earn a very high rate of return and help diversify their investments in important ways.

Diversification can be one of the keys to successfully investing in the market. Diversification is a process where an investor seeks to invest in many area of the market. An investor may choose to look for stocks in the technology field as well as stocks in the fields of energy, fast food and real estate management. This kind of thoughtful investing can help the investor maximize their potential for profit and minimize the risk of potential loss. The result is often a well balanced portfolio that grows with the investor’s needs and helps them provide a steady flow of income that they can tap into when they decide to retire and need another form of income.

Jul 20

Limited Interest in Apple Watch, Thus Far

Contrary to initial industry expectations, sales of the Apple Watch have gotten off to a slow start. While the majority of analysts were bullish on sales prospects for the watch, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster expected a slower start, and has thus far been proven correct. As originally reported by Cnet.com, Slow Apple Watch Sales…, Munster predicted 3 million sales for the Apple Watch last quarter, which is a relatively low number for a tech related item, and a far lower number than what most other industry analysts initially projected.

While the interest in the Apple Watch has been limited thus far, and lower than industry standards, Munster believes sales of the watch will grow exponentially in the years to come. Sales are projected to approach 14 million units in 2016 and approximately 40 million units in 2017. Ricardo Tosto understands that while sales were brisk early when the watch debuted in April, sales of the watch have declined approximately 90% since they first went on sale. With a decline in retail price from $349, and increased consumer interest in smart watches, Munster still has faith the watch will become a strong seller.

Jul 20

The Success of FreedomPop

FreedomPop, a 4-year old company that has created a new product that is geared towards those customers that want a cheap yet high quality mobile carrier. What FreedomPop has to offer are free data and minutes in addition to a free plan. Any unused minutes or data will even be rolled over into the next month.

This LA-based business had become a global company with intentions to spread throughout Europe. Those rumors of selling the company to Sprint were being speculated, CEO, Stephen Stokols, decided to continue the growth of his company independently. With the help of his dedicated investors, they have together raised over $30 million to help expand the company.

Although FreedomPop has turned down millions of dollars for the purpose of selling, Stephen Stokols has claimed that it is better to build a billion dollar company than to sell a million dollar company. As of recently, FreedomPop has picked many foreign investors that have plans to expand the company. Among these investors include a strategic investor that has not yet been announced. FreedomPop is currently growing its revenues at around 25 percent per quarter.

By the end of this year, it is the goal of FreedomPop to have at least 1 million subscribers. This goal is currently within reach as the franchise continues to grow. What makes this company so unique is that the company gives away free data in a basic package. The company makes money when the users either need to pay for more data or would like to use other provided services. The data that is given away is used for free calls, free texts, as well has data for internet use.

This virtual operator is a new mobile carrier that will expand to become a multi-billion dollar company. Within a few years, this company will surpass nationwide companies that have been used for decades.

Jul 17

The Delicate Processing of Trading For Your Future

Futures trading is a very delicate process, with a complicated monetary exchange system. A contract is made between a trader and a second party to exchange goods or services at a mutually agreed price. In order to prevent either party from defaulting on the contract, both parties supply a monetary deposit into margin accounts.

Sometimes a future can perform so well that the seller’s account is completely drained. If the future increases 100% in value, the entire balance of the seller’s margin account will be transferred to the buyer, and the seller will have to replenish.

Buying futures certainly takes a keen financial mind, because the results of a failing asset can be devastating. However, choosing the right time to invest in an asset can be extremely lucrative. The potential of futures investing is commonly known among wealthy people, but the less fortunate could use the help of Igor Cornelsen to make their investments count.

In the early 20th century, commodities trading referred more to the buying and selling of agricultural products. Grain and livestock made up the bulk of items sold as commodities, but the list has grown to include a wide variety of other products. Bonds are typically sold as commodities as are foreign currencies, precious metals, fossil fuels, natural gas and entire stock indexes.

Commodities may offer a safer alternative to stocks which are extremely vulnerable to market conditions and inflation. The IRS now allows the inclusion of precious metals into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). These accounts are designed to help people save for the future, so assets within them are not subject to taxes. It has been recommended that a person invest 20% of his or her assets into precious metals, and putting gold into an IRA account is a good way to achieve this goal.

Jul 09

Technological Advancements in Visual Search

Visual search is a type of technology that is literally taking the world by storm. It is really quite simplistic in the purpose for its existence. It is designed to allow a computer program to recognize a location, object or individual based on visual cues. It can be used for almost any application that the imagination can drum up, including the creation of detailed maps that are accurate down to the block, for law enforcement, security and any other industry that relies on visual cues in order to operate properly. For this reason, the technology is not only important, but vital to communities both large and small. It is equally important that it be handled by a company that knows how to deal with it and how to research advancements within it.

The company that has been pioneering all of the technology concerning visual search is called Slyce. This is a company that has really cornered the market on this type of technology and as a result, it still spearheads all of the advancements that are currently taking place. For years, the company was able to identify the need for technology that could recognize visual cues in a wide variety of different surroundings and they pursued that technology in earnest. Today, they are the ones that can be trusted when it comes to its use around the world. In addition, the company continues to worked toward advancement because those who head it up realize that they have only scratched the surface when it comes to the various ways that visual search can be used.

Individual companies use the technology that is produced by Slyce, as do major corporations that operate around the world. Even more importantly, the technology is used by government entities in various capacities. It may seem like this is some type of space age technology that could never reliably be used in the field, but that assumption could not be further from the truth. In reality, it is used each and every day.

The ability to run a photograph through a computer and get real time information about that location is invaluable in certain circumstances. The same is true for the ability to recognize any individual that has top security clearance as opposed to someone who should not be granted access. The implications that this type of technology can be used in virtually all walks of life are everywhere. In fact, it is already used in far more capacities than most people would ever think possible. In the future, it will undoubtedly be relied on even more heavily than it is today.

Jul 09

Editing & Submitting Content To Wikipedia

Content writers for Wikipedia are always in high demand. In fact, someone who can contribute both valid and well-written content to the online encyclopedia greatly enhance the reputation and credibility of the free knowledge sharing website. The beauty of the business model surrounding Wikipedia is that it allows users to add and edit content about any topic in real time. Not to mention, it’s a great way for people across the internet to gather quick snippets of information.

So how does it work? It’s actually fairly simple. If a reader is browsing a wiki page and they see a misspelling or incorrect information, they have the option to make an update. Users can easily make edits to existing wiki pages by simply clicking the edit button on the page they wish to edit. Doing this allows them the opportunity to change and update any of the content in question. This way, if a reader is reviewing a page on, let’s say bananas and they see inaccurate or misinformation posted on the page they can quickly jump in and make an edit.

For the most part, editing wiki pages is pretty simple. However, in order to make this process even more efficient, Wikipedia also asks the user to write a quick blurb in the summary box about the change they are making. It also asks a few more general questions surrounding the edit, like whether it is a major or minor edit. This allows the website to track information changes in real time.

Creating a page on Wikipedia is just as easy as submitting an edit. In fact, Wikipedia has an Article Wizard which will help writers quickly and efficiently create content on their site. In addition to the Article Wizard, there are detailed instructions and suggestions for writing Wikipedia content. Wikipedia encourages users to “Jump in. Be Bold” when writing content. Writers should pay close attention to the guidelines, as Wikipedia clearly outlines the DOs and DON’Ts of article writing.

Content contributors should pay close attention to the Wikipedia Manual of Style. Following this guideline is essential when submitting content. Wikipedia takes pride in being user-friendly. Not only do they encourage users to submit and edit content, they also encourage them to use plain English when doing so. Keeping articles clear and in similar format is beneficial for their users. Consistency across their many diverse submissions is essential when relaying information out to the masses.

Jun 29

The U.S. Navy’s Computers Are Becoming Obsolete

The government has a tradition of being woefully behind the times when it comes to keeping up with and implementing the latest technology. While it is true that military hardware can be cutting edge and quite advanced, the technology used in federal agencies overall tends to be behind that used in the commercial sector. This became most painfully evident with the launch of healthcare.gov last year when the federal government demonstrated that it couldn’t even launch a website without horrible teething problems that went on far too long. Alexei Beltyukov knows that the military part of the government also has technological blind spots when it comes to things that are not serving as equipment in the latest jet fighter.

It has recently come out that the U.S. Navy is still using Windows XP. Despite this operating system being 14 years old, this may not actually be as bad as it sounds. About 44 percent of corporations in the private sector have at least one computer that is running this dated operating system. The laughable part of the story about the Navy and Windows XP is that they only required all computers in the Navy to be upgraded to XP by the end of April of this year. It would be one thing if their computers had been running XP for many years and they were just slow upgrading to Windows 7 but that they have only just now gotten all computers running an OS that Microsoft dropped support for last year is unbelievable.

Jun 22

Blind People Can See With Their Tongues Thanks to This New Device

There’s a new device available allowing blind people to use their tongues to process visual images. This enables them to identify their location, as well as the shape and size of objects.

Known as the BrainPort V100, this is a battery-powered device. It includes a video camera that’s mounted upon a pair of glasses and a flat device that’s worn in the user’s mouth. Daniel Amen has learned that the device has a series of electrodes so that images are captured and converted to electrical signals that the user feels as vibrations on their tongue. Of course, the user must learn to interpret these signal to understand where they’re located, what an object’s shape and size are, and if an object is moving or standing still. Nonetheless, there’s been clinical data published in support of the device’s safety and effectiveness.

According to head scientist William Maisel from the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, “Medical device innovations like this have the potential to help millions of people.”

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