Feb 01

“Queens Of Drama” Come Together To Create A New Soap Opera

Fans of daytime soap operas have recently seen their choice of shows shrinking over the course of the last few years, but a brand new show could be about to launch if the stars of the “Queens Of Drama” get their way. Donna Mills heads up a newly formed an all female production company created by a group of former soap opera stars who are hoping to use their experience to produce a new soap for the TV. The scripted reality show sees the stars creating a fictionalized version of themselves onscreen as they work to write, produce and cast a soap opera they hope will relaunch the genre on the small screen.

There are many soap opera stars who have brought their skills to the “Queens Of Drama” on a regular and guest star basis, including Vanessa Marcil and Crystal Hunt. Crystal Hunt is a popular figure amongst soap opera stars for her roles of “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”; last seen on “One Life To Live” as Stacy Morasco, Metacritic reviewers say that Crystal Hunt combines her own personality with that of her former characters for the scripted reality show in a bid to create the highest level of entertainment.

Crystal Hunt could not be further from the characters she has played on U.S. daytime soap operas. Hunt has looked away from her acting career to find further success and has partnered in a pet boutique business in Florida. However, the skills and experience she has developed in the entertainment industry remain her focus. Hunt has been seen in “Magic Mike XXL” and her own project “Talbot County”. Returning to the small screen as a member of the cast of “Queens Of Drama” sees Hunt appear alongside many of the icons of U.S. TV, including Donna Mills and Joan Collins.

“Queens Of Drama” has been one of the most anticipated entrants to the genre of scripted reality TV. One of the bonuses of the show is the high level of skills the cast brings to the show, which are rarely seen on a show in this genre and at the level the female stars of daytime TV have achieved in their careers. The addition of a number of guest stars also acts as something of a nostalgic moment for the viewers of now defunct soap operas. The return to TV of some of the best known faces from 1980s and 90s shows, such as “Dynasty” and “Knot’s Landing” can only add a further layer of excitement to the production of the show.

Feb 01

New York City Based Lawyer And Fiscal Strategist Sam Tabar

New York City is home to many fine institutions. It is also home to many fine people. Making New York a home base often means being willing to compete with some of the best in any field. A job here often has many applicants who want to experience living in one of the world’s most dynamic places. Living here means living in a city that offers easy access to all kinds of amenities including access to some of the nation’s finest schools and the best of the arts, the fiscal sector and other fields such as tourism and the sciences.

This city is also home to those who are looking to make their mark in the legal field as well. The legal field is one that is often ideal for someone who likes law. Sam Tabar knows this well. As a New York transplant, he has been part of the regional legal scene for many years. His aim has been to help assist those in the area who are in need of his many legal skills. He knows that clients come to him for assistance on many projects they have in mind including projects such as business deals and the management of important fiscal funds. He also knows that clients in the area look to get the best possible legal representation each year as they want to have someone on their side who knows the field well.

Tabar has spent many years studying the field of law. His work has included careful attention to various aspects of the legal field including that of business law. LinkedIn shows that Tabar grew up in the United Kingdom and attended Oxford University. He quickly realized that he wanted to make law his life so he earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in the field. This led him to decide to come to the United States to earn an additional degree in field of law here. He quickly enrolled in Columbia University where his work was good enough to allow him to graduate with high grades and a stint as the editor of one of the most prestigious law journals published by the university.

After his graduation from Columbia University, Tabar was able to find work in the area at one of the nation’s most respected law firms, detailed in full on Sam’s About.me page. He used this time to hone his legal skills and think about where he wanted to make his home. His decision to stay in New York City was based on multiple factors including his own love of the area and his determination to be part of an area that is known for offering people access to the best possible legal minds at many high respected legal firms.  Follow Sam on Instagram for further information.

Jan 28

The Opinion of Kyle Bass

In 2006 Kyle Bass founded the Dallas-based hedge fund firm Hayman Capital Management. He quickly became one of the front runners in the world’s financial scene. And he has remained there with some hiccups along the way. In fact, some in the financial personalities in the industry say he’s just a dried up opportunist. And he has remained a respected personality in the public eye. Since then he has acquired an experienced and educated insider opinion about what China’s recent volatile marketplace means for the U.S.

He sees the problem in China being very similar to the problem Europe is experiencing with its EU. So the financial difficulty is all on China’s end and like the EU’s financial problems is coming to an eruptive head. This hurts us because the U.S. has a lot of investors in the Chinese market. In addition, making their financial woes even worse is the fact that Chinese banks have lent too much money to U.S. businesses. But some would say that Bass has this analysis all wrong and that you cannot really trust it. It is said that he often holds to the most peculiar, illogical, and most unpopular of opinions.

For instance, he praises despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who almost everyone else in the know sees as one of the worst leaders of all time. He defended her defaulting the Argentinian national two times in the past 13 years. UsefulStooges was first to expose that Bass is very loyal to the Argentinian ruler, having been her close friend for several years. He steadfastly continues to champion her cause in the courts. Until Bass and Kirchner leave the scene, there is little hope for the furtherance of the Argentinian people. However, even if removed from the scene of Argentina politics, Bass is known for underhanded dealings in other areas. He will likely get up to more no good.

Jan 21

Darius Fisher’s New Honor

Darius Fisher has caught the attention of PRWeek. His name has made it to the publication’s Innovation 50 list. Both his business, Status Labs, and his personal profile are likely to grow. The brilliant service (reputation management) the company offers definitely fits a market niche experiencing growing demand. Fisher’s outstanding management has contributed greatly to the growth and success of the company. Revenue is skyrocketing even though the company was only founded in 2012.

PRWeek remains the top public relations news journal. The Innovation 50 list is a compilation of those professionals who have displayed an incredible amount of innovation in their field. Fisher’s work definitely falls under the category of being innovative thanks to the unique methods employed to help those whose name or brand is in trouble.

Reputation management entails a mix of numerous digital marketing strategies. Online reputation harm is caused when negative material is indexed in the search engines. While speaking at the prestigious Impact 15 convention, Fisher pointed out that Google results are not going to change unless effective work is done to generate improvements.

The fix can be performed by creating a website, blog, or social media platforms designed to provide positive information about a person or business. The influx of new content and material may push negative things off the first page of Google. Reputations experience fewer problems when Google results present a cheery picture and not a lot of bad news.

Darius Fisher serves as the president of Status Labs and his innovative work has allowed the company to grow tremendously since its inception in 2012. Revenues are soaring and new clients are always coming aboard. Look for Fisher to be the recipient of more awards and accolades in the future.

Fisher’s company is certainly going to see a host of new clients come on board. New offices have opened in New York City, NY and San Paulo, Brazil. The home office in Austin, TX has moved to the business district and gains all the prestige available from the new location. The current number of clients helped by Fisher and Status Labs is around 1,500. The number is only going to increase.

Jan 15

How Susan McGalla Transformed the Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion

Anyone that looks at the newly renovated Pittsburgh Steelers website will notice one thing: the various styles of clothes are fresh and unlike the standard Steelers gear of the past. People that go to this website to shop will discover that the clothing line has much more for a variety of different fan styles.

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers have Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn to thank for this change. She has become the director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is a catalyst for change when it comes to clothing and branding because this has been her life for more than a decade. As the former CEO of companies like American Eagle outfitters, Susan has a great ideal of how to revamp any organization and improve their relationship with their customers. In the case of the Pittsburgh Steelers it is the fans that are the biggest customers. They are the ones that will fill the seats in the stadium and buy the clothing that is associated with this team on susanmcgalla.com.

Susan McGalla has become someone that has realized that there are many ways to promote a team. She has become successful in rebuilding the Steelers brand with the new website that allows people to shop from their desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. She places heavy emphasis on the fact that this new website is available for fans that have a desire to buy merchandise to fits their style.

Susan McGalla has become one of the best marketing professionals in corporate America. She knows how to build up brands and businesses because this has been her livelihood. The major difference is that she is no longer providing clothing marketing strategies to lure the Generation-X crowd alone. Right now Susan McGalla has a smaller base with a NFL team and the niche market for her hometown football team. This is a smaller audience to target to, but there are still millions of dollars that are spent on clothing by fans. That is why it is essential for someone like Susan McGalla to be at the forefront of the Pittsburg Steelers marketing campaign.

Jan 14

Internet Shopping Entrepreneur Raises Funds For Nepalese Earthquake Relief

Majeed Ekbal, President and founder of Chicago-based internet shopping firm Expresso, Inc., has mounted a campaign to help raise $1 million to help the victims of the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.

All proceeds from Ekbal’s $10,000 GoFundMe campaign will be donated to the Nepali Association Of North America’s Crowdrise campaign. Noting that he has been a supporter of the Crowdrise campaign, Ekbal said the funds raised will directly aid the Nepalese earthquake victims.

The earthquakes, which struck near Kathmandu in April and May of 2015, resulted in over 9,000 deaths and left over 22,000 people injured. Entire villages were flattened and hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless.

“All of this money will be going toward medical and disaster relief efforts to help the sick, hungry, and homeless,” Ekbar said. “This cause is very important to me, as I have many friends there.”

Ekbal, a well known Chicago real estate investor, recently founded a unique internet shopping service called Expresso, Inc., which gives upscale consumers in the Chicago area an innovative yet affordable alternative to visiting markets and specialty shops. Expresso, Inc. will locate, buy and deliver both groceries and specialty items from a wide selection of gourmet shops and food boutiques.

“Basically we`re catering to the customer’s convenience,” Majeed Ekbal said, adding that while his business maintains a database of several thousand basic food items from the Omni Superstore, Expresso, Inc. will find virtually anything that is available, including specialty goods from shops such as Jaqua, Mitchell Cobey Cuisine, LaSalle Street Market, Foodworks, Zambrana`s, American Gourmet, and Galjour`s Market.

The cost of the service is surprisingly affordable, starting at $5 and peaking at just $10 per order. “Nothing more than $10, no matter how many stores we have to visit,” Ekbal said. The service currently operates in the Lincoln Park, Near North and downtown areas, but Ekbal said he plans to extend the service to Evanston, Wilmette and some other North Shore suburbs.

Jan 14

Making A Wikipedia Page Can Help Your Company’s Image

Wikipedia business page creation has evolved over the years. Previously, it was a tool to provide information on a particular topic, business, or person. Today it is able to give so much more. In addition to providing information on a range of subjects, a Wikipedia page is a tool that can help to increase the reputation of a business or even to brand it. 

The internet can be a positive entity for a business or it can damage a business. People flock to the internet to gain insight and knowledge on a business before they decide to purchase a good or service from it. A great way to help increase the image of a company is with the help of a Wikipedia page. The page will be able to give background information on a particular company and offer valuable information about the products and services that is provided by them. Though this information may be attainable through the website of the business, reading it on a public website such as a Wikipedia page helps to offer confirmation that the business is legit and is able to provide the goods and services that it advertises. 

In addition to positive information being available on the internet about business, negative information can also exist. People can use social media to provide negative reviews on a particular company or business. In order to counter these allegations or negative bashing a Wikipedia page is recommended. A Wikipedia page can help people to regain faith in a business or company and reassure them that the company is capable of providing great products or a great service. 

Creating a Wikipedia page can be a very time consuming and frustrating task. Some business owners fail to create a Wikipedia page because they do not have the time to complete it. For individuals that do not want to be bothered with a Wikipedia page there is http://www.getyourwiki.com. This company can help make the life of business owners a lot easier by creating a Wikipedia page for them. The writers at http://www.getyourwiki.com are experienced and understand how to properly format and create a page for you. These individuals have the knowledge to create a Wikipedia page that will help to provide your business or company with a positive image or reputation. So instead of throwing in the towel on creating a Wikipedia page for your company, recruit a company that has experience in writing content that is able to provide your company with a positive image. 

Jan 13

Status Labs Increases Business

Status Labs has proven to be a successful company. It’s success as a company has resulted in it raising its financial value by as much as 939 percent. 2015 has turned out to be the best year so far for the company as it provided services for people that needed help with managing their online reputation. Darius Fisher himself was impressed with the success of his company. Of course, with the type of services the company provides, it goes without saying that it is going to gain the trust and the business of many people who need some kind of marketing help.

Status Labs is very effective in improving the reputation of its clients. What makes it very effective is that the company is filled with people that are very skilled in presenting content that is optimized and flattering to their clients. The company also presents concise and relevant content. The professionals that work for the company take the time to understand the client and what he needs in order to improve his business. They figure out the type of campaign to run based on the issue that their clients are faced with. They then figure out a plan and then execute it,

Among the factors that make the Status Lab’s campaign so effective is that they stay on topic, make their point as quickly and clearly as possible. They also take the time to know who they are addressing their campaign to. It is very important that people know their audience so that they will be able to address them. in the campaign. Another good thing about Status Labs is that it knows how to offer people what they want. They understand that people are looking for something that they can take. They are not looking to give something to a business.

Status Labs is also good at presenting a story for their audience. The service providers make sure that they address the potential issues with the story such as human interest, timing, proximity, significance and prominence. They use all of these factors in order to put together an effective campaign that gives their clients a much improved image.

Jan 08

Hiring A Professional Wikipedia Writing Service Eliminates Guesswork and Hassle

Creating a Wikipedia page for a business is definitely a good idea. The content of the Wikipedia page could serve as a great resource for customers, colleagues, partners, and anyone else with an interest in learning about the business. Businesses that do not have a Wikipedia page should get to work on the process of having the site produced.

The best way to do this would be to hire a professional Wikipedia writing service that is capable of creating the page in the proper manner. Get Your Wiki is an example of a service more than capable of handling such a task. One thing to be mindful of when it comes to producing a Wikipedia page is the online encyclopedia does have a number of rules in place. The content has to be factual and avoid any promotional or editorializing commentary.

Those who do not have any experience with writing Wikipedia pages are going to be locked into a guessing game. The results of playing the game wrong could prove disastrous. A third-party editor might come along and drastically change the content of the page. Now, the material does not look anything like those who originally created the page wanted. Re-writing the page and making the same mistakes is going to lead to another re-editing session. Those whose pages are constantly re-written due to policy and terms of service violations may face yet another problem. Their Wikipedia account could be cancelled. A ban likely will follow.

There is no reason to go through any hassles such as these. Working with a writing service such as Get Your Wiki takes all the guesswork out of the process. The writers who take on the project are expertly familiar with how Wikipedia works and do understand the rules and requirements of publishing a Wiki page. Through working with a service and hiring an experienced writer, mistakes are not likely and the Wiki page will be published without any problems.

And the business ends up reaping all the promotional rewards as a result. Learn more about why you should hire the professional Wiki writers at Get Your Wiki by visiting this link: http://www.getyourwiki.com/wikipedia-writing-service-make-wiki-page/

Jan 07

Finding a Cure: An Inside Look with Avi Weisfogel

Sleep apnea is never a laughing matter, just ask Avi Weisfogel. Avi is one of the leading doctors in this field. He has spent much of his career helping his clients to sleep better.

“Once I get to the root of what is causing the sleep issues, I can then bring in a proper diagnosis. Many patients assume that sleep apnea is an easy fix. Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. It all depends on where the core issues lie. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep. This is why I strongly suggest patients come in and take care of the issue as soon as possible. If I can help my patients fix their sleeping problems now, it will save them from future health problems later on.”

Avi Weisfogel

To that end Avi has put together a short list of what to look for in a sleep apnea doctor. This list should be followed to the letter, especially if you are in a place where Avi can not help out personally.

1)What kind of credentials does the doctor have? Not all the sleep apnea doctors are going to be as skilled as Avi, but you still need someone reputable and qualified. School training is very important.

How long did the person spend in school? It’s not enough to have just four years under their belt. The person needs to have medical school on the resume. That’s not all. Your doctor needs to also have training in sleep medicine. This part is crucial. If this training is not there, you will better off looking for someone who does have it.

2)As with any other doctor, credentials are vital. The doctor must be listed under the medical board site. Log into the site sometime. Look over the names. If a certain name is not there, look for someone else. Doctors need to have their schooling backed up, otherwise it does not mean a thing.

3)Has the person worked on sleep apnea patients before. It’s not enough to have experience in the medical world. This doctor must have sufficient experience with sleep apnea disorders, especially in the diagnosis process. How much experience is needed?

This all depends on you. Everyone is different. Some are okay with their doctor having just a few experiences under their belt. Others needs much more. It all depends on what your needs are.


The best place to begin is searching for information on Avi Weisfogel and Dental Sleep Masters. He is your best place to start. If he can’t help you out personally, at least you will have a good foundation to begin with. You can find out more on Avi right here. He recently launched a GoFundMe campaign benefiting Operation Smile.

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