Aug 31

Attorney Dan Newlin Gets $100 Million Verdict for Teen

Attorney Dan Newlin set the record by obtaining a $100 million verdict in a case involving a teenage girl (Daniel Sampson), who has been in a coma since 2012 after suffering serious brain damage. Honorable judge Donald Myers, Jr. Presided over the case in an Orange County Court. The money is expected to cover for medical fees incurred in the past and to be incurred in the future, the pain and suffering the teenager is going through, punitive damages and emotional distress faced by the mother (Alma Fletcher) after losing her companion. Check out Dan Newlin on YouTube.

The whole thing began when the girl, then 15 years old, was hit by a stray bullet in the head. The stray bullet had been fired by gang member Tyrone Mosby. Mosby, together with other men, was escaping from a home invasion scene. He was shooting at the owner of the home, when the stray bullet found its way into the back of the family van where Danielle was. After the incident, she spent a few weeks in hospital and in rehabilitation. Till now, the teen cannot do anything beyond blinking. She is paralyzed and unable to communicate with her mother. The bullet that hit her is still lodged in her head.

After the groundbreaking verdict, which is Orange County’s largest, Newlin hopes that the outcome will be a lesson to other criminal gangs. They should realize that they will not just be held criminally responsible but also civilly responsible for their actions.

As Mr. Mosby is still serving his jail sentence, the family is not expecting any money yet. For Attorney Newlin, that was not the point of the case to begin with. When Mosby gets out of jail, a portion of the money he will be earning will be deducted and paid to the family.

The case had been filed in July 2013 with the defendant as Mosby. The plaintiff was blaming the defendant for the damages and injuries he caused to Danielle. In 29th of July 2012, the court had found Mosby guilty of aggravated battery that caused bodily harm and attempted first-degree murder. This earned him a 30 years sentence in Jail.

Ama Fletcher was happy with the Jury’s understanding of the ramifications of Mosby’s recklessness. However, she explained that this was only about justice for her daughter; she was still not able to communicate with her.

Danielle’s stepfather, Justin Fletcher, stated that no money was enough to make Danielle what she once was. “But today’s verdict brings some measure of closure to this chapter in our lives,” he added. Newlin was happy to have gotten the best results possible in the case. He sympathizes with the family for going through that whole experience.

Aug 30

Breaking the Chains of Oppression: 21-Year-Old Yeonmi Park

The coming of our world’s youngest human rights activist Yeonmi Park to DePauw University has excited many. This passionate human rights activist is scheduled to arrive on October 5. She is has been to several events that advocate for human rights. Yeonmi was a speaker at the global Oslom Freedom Forum and One Young World Summit held in Dublin. She is expected to deliver her touching story on human trafficking and liberation of the oppressed.

The Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture will occur after Yeomi’s 22nd birthday. This will be after 6 days after the publishing of her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Her speech is set to begin at 7:30 p.m. will also involve a question – and – answer session followed book signing.

Yeonmi Park (official website) has a horrific past summarized in DePauw University website. Her story begins in a North Korean city near the Chinese border. She was brought up in an oppressive society where those in authorities controlled everything and everyone. Her perception of life entirely changed after watching one of James Cameron film named Titanic. Seeing a man willingly risk his life to save a woman in the name of love changed her thinking.

The tragedy began in 2002 when her father, who was a party member, was arrested for mineral smuggling to Chinese traders. The minerals he trafficked were gold, silver and nickel. He was sentenced to jail to serve 17 years in a hard labor camp. Her father was mistreated and tortured and later became sick. He was given a medical release, and that is when they planned their escape.

Part of the plan was to allow the women to go first since they were more vulnerable. Yeonmi’s sister was the first to enter China. Yeonmi and her mother followed, but her father was to join them later. He opted to stay behind to avoid slowing them down because of his illness.

They were always in hiding from the authorities who constantly sought escapees and returned them to their native homes. Life became hard for them as they endured a lot of suffering. One day Yeonmi was forced to watch her mother being raped by traffickers. No one knew the where about of her sister and her father succumbed to colon cancer.

The compelling story told by the NY Times of this strong woman is an inspiration to many people all over the world. She continues to speak against the oppressive regime in North Korea that has led to the death of many.

Aug 28

Skout Merges Travel With Social Networks

Leading and prominent online dating company, Skout, is an integral player in the business and social media industry. Founded by renowned and innovative figures Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, this extremely popular company is most commended for connecting avid tourists with locals in various countries around the world. Since the launch of their recent travel feature on, over 10 million members have utilized the application to embark on virtual journeys. Moreover, their extensive database of active users reflects the unique practicality of their business model. As a prominent connection based corporation, Skout strives to create proprietary tools to assists individuals in expanding their social circle. Most importantly, their strategic networking philosophy has resulted in extremely happy members in most states and countries.

In their effort to drive Skout to unprecedented levels of
connectivity, Wiklund and Lindstrom sought to devise an application in which users could cultivate new and meaningful friendships and romantic relationships. Originally created as a dating platform, Skout is gaining ample recognition for their impressive travel feature. Essentially, this tool encourages members to virtually connect with individuals from a different country or city before embarking on a planned trip to the particular designation. Notably, these prearranged contacts facilitate a smooth vacation and overall fun traveling experience as the locals assist the tourists in exceptional hotel, food, and activity selections. Remarkably, many users of the travel feature describe the tool as a “modern day pen pal system.”

Along with facilitating long-distance friendships, Skout is also connecting members with individuals in their area. As a location-based application, the corporation helps users meet people within a specified radius of one another but first, the participants are placed into the appropriate peer group which consists of teen and adult communities. After the placement has occurred, when searching for prospective connections, members may view the profile and recent activities of users they consider appealing. Before users arranged an in-person meeting, they may “wink,” “favorite,” chat , or send a virtual gift to each other. Notably, in a recent 2013 report, Skout proudly announced that over 500 million connections were developed with their unique application. These numbers reflect the strength and potential of the networking based business.

Because of their unprecedented success, Skout recently declared February 4th as an international online friend day. According to a recent survey, the company maintained an extensive database of 59 percent Flipinos, 48 percent of Austrailians, 53 percent of Britains, and 46 percent of French. These user have all acquired connections with individuals from another country. Remarkably, approximately 52,000 participated in the study from over 10 countries.

Today, Skout is acknowledged for facilitating local and international connections with a diverse group of members. Currently, the company is prevalent in over 180 countries and 14 languages. Moreover, the application is compatible with iOS mobile online devises in addition to Android systems as of August 2010. Most prominently, Skout’s revolutionized success is attributed to the board of directors and founders like Herbert Madan, Marc Andresseen, Scott Weiss, and Stan Chudvosky.

Aug 27

Personal Injury Law Industry Economists Predict Promising Future

Economists have reported a growing demand for personal industry attorneys today and in coming years. With an influx of domiciliary and third-party liability injury claims being reported, It’s likely for demands to multiply as the customer demands increase. With PI (Personal Injury) lawyers spread out in the market, it’s sometimes difficult to contract the best candidate. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to take the time and investigate each PI lawyer’s practice. Another smart move is to select someone local or a resident law firm that specializes in personal injury litigation. It’ll reduce a client’s legwork and improve communication. Distant relationships especially when handling legal matters often don’t produce fruitful results.

The highest volume of personal injury cases reported in recent years include assaults, roadside accidents, workplace tragedies, medical malpractice, defective cosmetic misfortunes and home disasters. With the depth of personal injury litigation claims these days, it counts to have a dependable PI lawyer. A vast fraction of industries has seen real struggles since the global recession. The law industry particularly the personal industry sector has fathomed the economic challenges tremendously well despite the unpredictable climate. Economists predicted that there’s a likelihood of U.S. industry seeing an influx of medical malpractice-related personal injury cases in coming years projected to 2020. With the aging population, a trend has developed and law industry watchdogs are observing the behavior closely.

With a knowledgeable personal injury law powerhouse backing a plaintiff or defense, winning is imminent. Economists have spoke at length about how structured settlements are becoming a culture too. With this option, a negligent party has an opportunity to pay a judgment in increments by arrangement instead of the usual lump sum. The settlement terms and duration usually undergo careful scrutiny and consideration before it’s honored. Award-winning personal injury powerhouse attorney Mikal Watts has affected the community in a positive light.

PRNewswire wrote that the Texas native who’s a practicing personal injury law expert of the superlawyer community has earned notable recognition. He’s a 1987 UT (University-of-Texas) BA honoree with a law degree after completing a two-year UT Law program in 1989. Shortly after leaving UT Law School, Watts began working for Chief-Supreme-Court-Justice Hon. Thomas R. Phillips of Texas. He’s served a handful of reputable law offices throughout the community before starting his private practice. Watts has an eclectic background in PI (personal injury) law, ranging from toxic torts, refinery negligence, medical device accidents to commercial litigation. He’s gone up against industry giants such as automotive manufacturer Ford Motor Company and others. For the past 12 years, he’s made the Top-50 Central/West and Houston, Texas Superlawyers lists.

Aug 26

The Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Businesses Are CPAs

Cost Per Action is a revolutionary internet concept that has been a quiet secret among webmasters and internet entrepreneurs since 2008. Cost Per Action, which is also known as CPA, represents one of the most profitable affiliate marketing strategies compared to other existing platforms, like Adsense. The CPA model reduces the challenges and shortcomings of traditional affiliate marketing protocols, and CPA models have proven to be more profitable and efficient compared to other affiliate marketing programs.

In the CPA world, a webmaster that manages a website with CPA elements on it is called a publisher. Some people are not familiar with the CPA business model and how it works, so I will summarize the details here. CPA is a straightforward process of generating income by getting a consumer to execute an action on a third-party website after they have been forwarded from your website. A CPA action can range from a variety of options, such as: a user purchasing an item, a user downloading software, a user completing a survey, a user completing a lead generation form, a user booking a flight or hotel stay and more.

The payment scale for a CPA business model is separated into two categories; some companies pay the publisher a percentage of an item that has been sold, which can range from five to fifty percent, and some companies pay publishers a flat rate, which can range from $1 to $300 or more. Compensation amounts are established by each company. Payment ranges also vary by industry; for example, sweepstakes companies can payout between $1 to $2 per action, and health and wellness companies can payout between $2.50 to $88.00 per action. The type of industries that are in the CPA network are: electronics, real estate, health, financial, free stuff, gaming, insurance, legal, entertainment, merchandise and more. The amount of corporations that participate in CPA networks are in the thousands.

People who are new to CPAs traditionally have a hard time getting their business to maximize its profit potential. There are many factors that must be applied to result in a successful CPA campaign. To combat these issues, many beginner publishers are turning to CPA coaches for guidance with building their CPA business. There are phenomenal coaches, like world-renown CPA internet marketer Ivan Ong, who represent leaders in the industry who are helping publishers thrive in the CPA market.

Ivan Ong has an inspiring story; he started his successful training program after he read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Ong, was a budding internet marketer before he discovered CPA marketing; however, after he mastered the CPA business process, he excelled and has developed a very successful coaching program that has helped many publishers succeed.

A publisher can be very successful if he or she is fortunate enough to have a knowledgeable coach in their corner; however, there are two challenges that each publisher must face before they can begin making money in the CPA industry. The first challenge is becoming a publisher. Becoming a publisher is not as simple as submitting your contact information to an affiliate marketing company, like Google Adsense. Potential CPA publishers are vetted by clearing house networks, which are companies that build individual networks with 3rd-party companies, like Nutrisystem or

After a publisher passes the vetting process, then the second challenge is performing day-to-day tasks of generating traffic to your website and converting them into CPAs. This is where the guidance of a CPA coach is truly realized. Once your busines is up and running, the sky is the limit. A lot of affiliate marketers are abandoning the Pay Per Click model in exchange for the CPA model. The values are tremendous and the opportunities are vast considering the CPA business model is still in its infancy stage.

Aug 24

Susan McGalla, The Changing Face Of The American Businesswoman

In the 1970’s the Women’s Liberation Movement came to the forefront of American Culture. Not only were women demanding equal pay for equal work they also wanted to get to the top. Women in that era were advised to dress similar to men, even down to the necktie. They were told they would have to make harsh decisions such as foregoing marriage and children. Young women were told to emulate men in every area. Happily much of this advice has been proven inaccurate.

Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn is one of a new type of businesswoman. A strong and charismatic leader she has no problem telling the story and offering advice to young professional women. Much of that advice goes against all the things young women were being told about their place in the business world in those long ago days. First let’s look at who Ms. McGalla is and then we’ll see her advice on young women.

Susan McGalla in an American business and executive consultant from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. First though is her success story at American Eagle Outfitters. Ms. McGalla began there as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. This was not a large division at the time. The company was male dominated with no women sitting on the board or even holding an executive position. The average client was also seen as more prominently male. She would later go on work in other divisions holding a variety positions. Finally, she had won the Presidency and the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO).

How she got there is at the heart of her advice to other women. She talks about her family and having two older brothers and a football coach father. Ms. McGalla will tell you that she was not cut any slack because she was a girl, nor was her brothers’ gender seen as a hindrance to her goals. She learned to work hard and be flexible. She was never warned about a glass ceiling, a ceiling she no longer believes to have any relevance.

Her advice is to put aside gender as much as possible, look at who you are as a person, what skills you have, what weaknesses. Next present yourself and your ideas with confidence. It may not always seem to occur quickly enough but in time others will come to appreciate your uniqueness and your qualifications. If you’re the right person for that job, it will show, and the position won. She believes that gender can not be allowed to be a part of the equation. Not as a child nor as an adult.

Today Ms. McGalla is no longer with American Eagle Outfitter. She has gone on to be a consultant to many of the financial experts who need to hear an insider’s voice. She can consult on branding, marketing, operational efficiency and many other areas of business. As always she is just doing what she does well.

Aug 23

Town Real Estate Found Me The Perfect New York City Real Estate

I honestly was thinking about moving to another city because I couldn’t find the place I was looking for. I was ready to move into a new home, no matter what type of home I could find. I would love a penthouse or even a condo, but I wouldn’t say no to an apartment either. I got sick and tired of searching through rent magazines, newspapers as well as searching online. I don’t know why I couldn’t find a nice place in New York City, but I had even thought about moving to the outskirts in order to find myself the home I was looking for.

The only problem is that I didn’t want a house, I wanted a nice place that would have a concierge at the front desk, maybe a balcony with a view, and I also wanted some other amenities in the building. I want a building that has a lot of things going on inside, and it’s not just some kind of New York luxury real estate where people live. The best thing about New York City is that there are a lot of buildings with homes that have restaurants, stores, game rooms, lounges, bars and all types of entertainment inside the same building. Places that have so much stuff going on inside the building are great because it means I never have to go to far to have fun.

Although there is a lot to do in New York City, sometimes, it may rain like cats and dogs, or it may be frozen outside, and I prefer to stay indoors. I wanted a place where I could go downstairs and get a drink, or maybe go to a nice restaurant in the same building, without having to go out into the snow. I gave up looking on my own, and I decided to make a call to a real estate agency. It was a friend of mine who told me to call Town Real Estate. I called the agency, and I was able to get my own personal agent.

I gave the agent every amenity I was looking for as well as my budget, and it only took her a matter of hours for her to come back with a short list of places that she thought I’d like. I couldn’t believe the list of places she was giving me because I had never seen or heard of them before. The places were spectacular, and the amenities were out of this world. I found a place that was so nice that I would have all kinds of activities to do inside the building. I’m glad I made the call to Town Real Estate because now I get to continue living within New York City.

Aug 19

Buyers and Sellers Benefit from Product Recognition Technology

Product recognition software could forever change the way consumers locate desirable merchandise. The consumers are not the only ones who would benefit greatly from this bold new approach to buying products. Retailers have an enormous amount to gain as well. After all, the seller stands to earn nice profits when the buyer is able to locate merchandise. The buyer does like deals, discounts, and unique merchandise. This brilliantly innovative search feature helps them locate those three and more.

How does this technology work and, for that matter, what does it entail?

The way product recognition software works is relatively simple. A captured image is run through a search feature and matches are then located in an online retailers catalog.

Procuring great deals on merchandise is what every consumer wants. Sometimes, a consumer is forced by budget considerations to look for a less costly alternative to a popular name brand product. Looking for an alternative does not automatically mean it is easy to find one. Depending upon how a consumers opts to search, the whole process of locating fairly inexpensive merchandise becomes very difficult.

The “old time” method of searching by name or category is just too limiting. Now, a new means of locating a product is emerging and consumers who have used the feature are raving about it.

Product recognition software allow for a search feature to scan a retailer’s website for images that match the one the user is searching for. So, if a consumer is looking for a really cool, extremely durable sleeping bag, running photo images of the top sleeping bags through the search feature is done with the hope of locating the perfect match. Honestly, most consumers will be thrilled with a near perfect match.

Retailers are definitely going to appreciate the help the expanded search capabilities provide. The quicker a consumer is able to find something, the quicker the consumer is going to buy. As a result, the retailer makes money. When the buy is delayed, then the consumer may end up putting the sale off. Perhaps the consumer won’t come back. With a solid product recognition program, the chances of this occurring are reduced.

Retailers should look into the product recognition technology Slyce is making available. Slyce is a growing name in the world of image recognition. The company’s wares are so good, they are giving the internet giant Amazon a run for its money.

Seriously, product recognition searches are the future. Both buyers and sellers are sure to agree.

Aug 13

FreedomPop Offers Free Mobile Plans

These days budgets are tight and phone bills seem to be rising constantly. Many people can spend thousands of dollars a year on their wireless plans when you add in all of the data, text and phone minutes a person or family will use. One revolutionary company is flipping the traditional overcharging phone model on its head- FreedomPop, which can be seen on the App Store. This company is actually offering 0 dollar plans for people who do not use their phone a whole bunch. They also have a place for larger users who want to pay for the amount of service they use rather than a blanket plan. In this article we are going to take a look at what FreedomPop has to offer consumers.

Where Can I Get FreedomPop Service?

FreedomPop is currently available in the United States, the UK, and parts of Asia. For simplicity’s sake we are going to go over the offerings in the United States. Right now if you happen to live in or close to a large metro area like Chicago, New York, or the Bay Area you can bet that FreedomPop offers service in your area. Even in smaller metropolitan areas there is significant FreedomPop cell coverage. Generally most urban and suburban areas in the US have available coverage and since FreedomPop is expanding rapidly new areas are being added regularly.

What Makes FreedomPop Different?

The main thing that separates FreedomPop from the rest of the pack is their free offerings. They offer a basic service plan with a limited amount of cell minutes, text and data that is absolutely free. As long as you stay underneath that limit you will owe them nothing every month. For users who want to use more than the free offerings everything they use will be calculated past the limit. For example, if you use an extra gigabyte of data you will only pay for that data. No overage fees or anything like that- FreedomPop will simply upgrade your plan for one extra gig and you only pay for that. This is great for folks who do not want to pay for a service they are not fully utilizing.

How Do I Sign Up for FreedomPop?

In order to join FreedomPop’s cellular service you need to order one of their phones from their website ( or get a used phone from a reseller. As long as you have a FreedomPop branded phone you simply have to sign up for the service and choose your plan. You can find out if they offer service in your area on their website. They have different tiers of plans but you will generally only pay for what you use. People who intend to use a higher amount of data have the option of pre purchasing that data but it is not required. The vast majority of flagship phones from Apple and Samsung are offered by FreedomPop so you do not have to sacrifice quality to move your service over to them. Signing up is a relatively easy process and the people at FreedomPop are more than happy to help customers join up.

FreedomPop is a great choice for a wide variety of potential customers. People who do not user their phone a lot will benefit as well as people who are on a budget or fixed income. FreedomPop is definitely an option that everyone should at least consider.

Aug 12

Benefits of Product Recognition Software

Visual search through Slyce’s engines are on the rise which means that product recognition is going to become an important part of marketing on the web. A visual search is conducted by users taking an image and putting it into a search engine, which then comes back to offer results of images that look similar. As a marketer, you want your company’s images to come back in those results so that users are pointed to your ecommerce store. Here are some of the benefits of preparing for product recognition software.

Increased Sales

When your products get recognized by search engines they will be displayed to users. This gives users a choice to choose your company’s product, which can lead to a sale. Not only does this allow your company to sell the item being searched, but it opens up your entire store to the user and allows your website to point them to future sales. Your company will then see an increased amount of traffic and sales from your customers.

Brand Recognition

Having your brand be recognized is an important part of any industry. Brands have been shown to increase sales because customers feel more confidant purchasing from a company they’ve heard of. Your brand is almost a list of references that back up your products. Product recognition software is good at picking up brand logos so users can find your site and products rather easily. Not only can you brand be recognizable to users, but it can become recognized by search engines as well.

Inexpensive Marketing

Product recognition software works in favor of marketers. You are spending a low amount of money to produce these images, which can then be picked up and advertised to users for free. This is an inexpensive way to market your products and it brings in consistent revenue that doesn’t require additional marketing expenses. As a marketer, all you have to do is create your product images which would need to be done anyways.


Slyce is one of the leading visual search engines out there. They specialize in visual recognition software and can make it easy for your company to increase in sales. By downloading their app, you can check your product images and see how effective they are at bringing in customers. Take a look at which angles of products you should focus on and whether or not you need to add more color option images.

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