May 23

Much Anticipated Free Trial Offer Launched by Talk Fusion

A new development in the world of video marketing has recently been announced. Talk Fusion, one of the leaders in the field of video marketing solutions, has now launched its highly anticipated 30-day free trial offer. Their services are available to individuals and businesses in 140 countries and nine languages.

The offer has been launched after more than a year of development. It gives new Talk Fusion customers the chance to try out the wide range of video marketing services first hand without having to spend a single penny.

One thing that sets Talk Fusion apart from many of its competitors is that they don’t require credit card details or much personal details from new customers who want to try their services. They can sign up in under a minute just by providing their name and email address.

Users get access to the full range of services provided by Talk Fusion, such as Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Video Email, Sign-Up Form and most importantly of all, their award-winning Video Chat application, which lets them chat with people from all over the world.

Talk Fusion has recently redesigned its website to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, making it even easier for anyone to sign up for the trial offer. A comprehensive library of self-help materials has also been put together. It includes step-by-step guides and video tutorials that showcase the different features offered by Talk Fusion’s services and help users make the most of them. Also included are useful white papers with advice that users can implement to give their business a boost.

Talk Fusion is a company established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Since then, they have constantly innovated to offer the highest quality in video technology to help businesses grow and get their message across to their customers. Talk Fusion has a large network of independent associates active in over 140 countries. These associates promote their innovative video marketing solutions to individuals and business owners, showing them just how powerful and useful online video can be.

May 12

Impact of ClassDojo to Parents and Teachers

ClassDojo is an app that is aimed at connecting parents, teachers, and students in a more friendly way. ClassDojo has been boosted by the venture funding activities and it has recently raised $ 20 million. It is the Series B round of venture. The funding has been initiated and observed by companies such as General Catalyst and other new investors such as GSV, Reach Capital, and Signal Fire.


The primary purpose of the latest funding is to improve the performance of the application and to reach as many audiences as possible. It has been in the recent past used as an application that is only connecting the parents and educators during the day. The founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have a vision that the app should be useful to parents during the night also. It is planning in improving the content on the app.


Most parents are finding it easier to connect with their children and the educators as well through ClassDojo. It is located in San Francisco, California in the United States Of America. It is currently staffed with 25 employees. Sharing of videos and pictures by the teachers and enabling the teachers to watch their children’s activities are the primary and core purpose of the application. It has been positively accepted by over 85, 000 school in the US. The schools range from private, chartered schools and also the largely known public schools in America. ClassDojo has also been spread to countries over 180, and the demand is still being felt.


Parents can easily communicate with educators what their children are doing at school when at workplaces or home through ClassDojo. It has improved the type of activities that they engage their children in since they follow the app concepts. Active cultures within the classrooms have been promoted through the app. Classrooms have been converted into close-knit communities, and the general communication has been eased by using the app.


Most of the funds that ClassDojo has raised are geared towards improving the team. ClassDojo currently is run by professional from the field of education, technology and designers who have expertise and experience in such education-related activities. The funding will be used in improving content such as the ability for the parents to download information from the application to use at home with their children. ClassDojo is pushing its network so that it can cover a broad range of schools globally.


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May 09

Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital Advisers

Stephen Murray was born on August 2 1962 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the co founder and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital Advisers located in New York City. He was with the firm for over 20 years and ultimately resigned his position with the company in February 2015,due to undisclosed health issues. He passed away at the age of 52 on March 12, 2015 in Stamford Connecticut. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School and continued on to Boston College where he attained his degree in Economics in 1984. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Afterwards, he stepped into the credit analyst program at Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation and pursued to achieve his Master’s of Business Administration degree at Columbia Business School in 1989. In 1991 Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation who consolidated with Chemical Venture Partners and then in 2006, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. Ultimately, Chemical Ventures Partners became Chase Capital Partners.

In 2005,Stephen Murray played a significant role of the acquisition at JP Morgan Partners and successfully navigated the firm towards a solitary stance in 2006, at which time CCMP Capital Advisers was formed as a universally private equity company which he helped to create. In 2007, Stephen Murray was named Chief Executive Officer and you can read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees. The initials CCMP represent their founding organizations: C stands for Chemical Ventures, C stands for Chase Capital M stands for Manufacturer’s Hanover Capital and P is for Partners. CCMP Capital Advisers is a solely private assets firm with emphasis and concentration on buyout and escalating equity transactions.

Their four encompassed aspects that define the company are: consumer/retail,industrial healthcare and chemicals/energy.  Stephen Murray had an outstanding reputation as a knowledgeable and experienced  investor and was quite successful in acquiring lucrative deals for the company, among them two multi billion dollar funds deals after accumulating $3.6 Billion in 2015.

He is acknowledged and remembered for his vast contributions and commitment to the prosperity of the company as well as to it’s fore bearers. The majority of his dedication was spending time in the realm of private equity. Additionally,he was a man of many attributes and accomplishments aside from being portrayed as a hardworking and compassionate individual, he was also active in charity contributions and philanthropy.

His accolades of recognition include serving on the Board of Trustees at Boston College, Make A Wish Foundation, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Hospice Partners.

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May 06

A Company that Really Helps Others Helps Itself

Qnet is a company that is committed to charitable causes. This organization has been around since the late 90s. Co-founders Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark quickly discovered that the best way to stay relevant and profitable is by helping other people with their problems. This company goes out of its way to ensure that people have what they need when they discover a need.

Many companies give to charities. It is a part of their corporate responsibility. This is nothing new. However, Qnet takes the philosophy of helping people to another level. They have a philosophy that demonstrates how much they care for people. When they see charitable organizations that address specific causes they join in and give a helping hand.

The products that Qnet makes are also created with helping in mind. Since this company wants to help people with their health; they refuse to sell any products that will cause their body harm. They only sell products that are life affirming and none that promote disease. The vegan lifestyle is important for Qnet and having animal based substances in their products is not the way they do business. If they sell a consumer a product that could damage their health; then that would undermining Qnet’s core values.

The leadership of Qnet really believes in the philosophy that if you want to better yourself; you have to better those around you. In other words, you must help people to be at their best if you want to experience the same success. This philosophy is one reason as to why Qnet is such a profitable organization. They help to endorse and support people in need directly and through the products they sell. Many people in Asia like this company and are loyal customers because of what they stand for.

Apr 29

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Andy Warhol, in his book “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol,” once talked about how he loved it when he realized he was in a rut; even going so far as to say that his friends would call him up and wish him well on enjoying his rut. There has been a discussion in the press about the pleasures of just “staying in,” dispensing with the business of setting up a time to meet, and enjoying a night at home. To some degree this is probably an inevitable sea change–a return to what was once the cultural norm after broadcast media became commonplace; however, now that we have so many options in and out of the home the decision is definitely more one of choice than necessity.

Speculation in the article brings up the social media options we now have, which begs the question: “Are we ever really alone?” Cultivating extensive media contacts means that, almost inevitably, someone is going to be around. An article in the “New York Times Style Magazine” asks the same question. While acknowledging that dogged alone time is not the best human life stratagem—substitute “mandatory” for “dogged” and people might start throwing phrases like “cruel and inhumane” around—it is noted that binge-watching “Orange is the New Black” may rank pretty high if you’re looking for a low-risk option for passing the evening. Also being discussed is the notion that right now there is a meme which puts a value on the trait of being an introvert.

Regardless of your plans for the evening, or your personality type, JustFab is a great website for the latest in knockout fashion. Every month they offer something new that will make your evening dazzle.

After signing up to be a JustFab VIP member, you get 20 percent off of your first purchase. Every month you get a new selection of clothes to choose from. If you don’t want to buy anything that month, simply log online between the 1st and the 5th and indicate that you want to skip that month.

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Apr 28

Handybook is the Cleaning App You Deserve

We are living in the unbridled age of digital connection where people are expected to be able to connect with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. This has obviously led to a social evolution, but it is also changing the way that we approach even the most menial of tasks. Handybook, developed by Oisin Hanrahan, is the big new application that is making your life easier and you don’t even know it. Focused on connecting people who need services with people who offer services, Handybook has quickly found a niche to exploit and they are doing it with gusto.

Oisin Hanrahan and partner Umang Dua have been working together since 2012 where they were students at Harvard Business school. As roommates the two wanted to push their extra time together toward brainstorming for the game changing business idea. Looking around their apartment, which was littered with unfinished furniture being put together, they had their big eureka moment: home cleaning services. Getting to work right away the pair were soon deep in the throes of developing the Handybook that has become so popular to so many people nowadays.

Handybook is so simple in its concept that it almost belies the eye test. Essentially Hanrahan and Dua created an app that connects the suppliers with those that need a job supplied. At its core, Handybook couldn’t be more simple and perhaps that is why they’ve found attaining funding to be a simple process. Simple is the name of the game for Handybook and fans of the service will quickly tell you that.

Right now the application is running out of 13 major cities in North America with their biggest focus being on markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston. According to Hanrahan’s numbers they are moving more than 10,000 total jobs per month between freelancers and those that need their services. The most common job requested involves house cleaning but there has been a renewed focus on getting more jobs in the mix for people to request. Freelancers are heavily screened and the app is secure, making it the golden haven for people who need work done.

Apr 12

Darius Fisher and Status Labs Experience An Amazing Year

A whole lot can change in a year. The changes could all end up being for the better. Status Labs, the popular reputation management firm in Austin, TX, has seen a lot occur over the course of a single year. All the news coming out from the past months are positive for the firm that is redefining online public relations and digital marketing.


The Austin offices of Status Labs has published an informal report detailing one success story after the other. Among the more intriguing achievements over the prior 12 months were the various community projects the office was involved with. Through teaming up with other Austin businesses, Status Labs was able to contribute help to a variety of causes. The additional staff hired as a result of the firm’s success did their part as well.


The team-ups have extended to the advisory board of the company. Several experienced professionals in the world of reputation management and marketing are now affiliated with Status Labs. The company is sure to benefit immensely from the help of these persons. Knowledge and experience always prove valuable. Status Labs has extensive access to both.


Darius Fisher has done a lot to raise the profile of Status Labs. The former copywriter and political consultant has contributed a great deal of time and energy to promote the firm on Yahoo!, Forbes online, and other popular venues. In doing so, Fisher was able to not only promote the firm, but also reveal the critical importance of fixing a damaged reputation. His work has had a good effect on the bottom line of the company. Status Labs’ revenues have grown immensely in a very short period.


Fisher’s formal education comes from Vanderbilt University, and his practical knowledge of digital marketing and public relations has fueled the success of the firm. Fisher understands search engines and, in particular, he knows how unkind Google can be to those who are suffering from the publication of unflattering online content. Darius Fisher’s work with the media has been very educational. A great many people had no idea how serious reputation management is to preserve a good name. By promoting his firm and the work the entity does, Fisher has helped people come to a better understanding of why they must take their online reputation so seriously.


Apr 05

QNET & RYTHM Need Your Positivity

If you turn to the media, it would be easy to think that the world is just mired in negative thoughts and communication. While it may seem this way, people have the ability to affect the world around them with something as simple as communicating a positive thought to another person. People know this, even charitable organizations with a global reach and corporations involved in various countries. And while the involvement of such entities would be solely to further their personal interests and push products on to new, unsuspecting customers, it’s some time the case that they merely want to help make the world a better place by being a little more positive.

Prove them wrong. Right? #QNET #SuccessTips

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The RYTHM Foundation is taking part in the Positive Thoughts Project, and is working closely with renowned company QNET to help make it a success. The RYTHM Foundation has set up a Facebook post which is asking followers of its page to come and share positive thoughts with others. QNET is looking at this interaction and is using it as a way to guide their charity that will coincide with this project.

If commenters leave 500 replies to the post within the first two weeks, QNET will donate a Home Pure RED to Taarana School for disabled children. Commenters are urged to continue on to the second phase of the project, because if an additional 500 commenters contribute to the post during the second two weeks, QNET will donate a HomePure RED to the Rashid Centre, another school for the disabled in the United Arab Emirates.

Great tasting, clean and healthy drinking water is just a push of a button away:

Posted by QNET (Official) on Saturday, April 2, 2016

A corporate powerhouse in Asia, QNET has enjoyed a reputation as a reliable business that lets them make available an expansive catalog of products and services through direct sellers and an online presence to clients all over the world to over 100 countries.

What allows QNET to boast such a strong track of success with its public and private clients comes from a professional staff that manages about 25 offices and agencies operating in disparate markets. This cohesive unit is one that prioritizes team work and cooperation in order to get things done, and this is mirrored by the charities that QNET has chosen to support. Both inside mainland Asia and in several Pacific islands, QNET places a great deal of their philanthropy in the promotion of athletic organizations and education for underprivileged and disabled children to help them learn skills that will help them better work and live with others.

Mar 24

The Success of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua has become known as one of the top names in the industry of direct selling. Within the last few decades, Mr. Chua has turned his eye towards coffee in order to build a new way of thinking of this popular and exponentially growing product. Bernardo Chua has used not only his extensive experience with direct selling, but also his knowledge of business in order to create a vast empire of new coffee products that emphasize the importance of healthy living. Mr. Chua’s vast empire has had the opportunity to include a new secret ingredient that is known as Ganoderma.

Bernardo Chua is a businessman who made his start in the Philippines, his country of origin. Thanks to Mr. Chua’s Chinese heritage, he has had knowledge of the natural powers of Ganoderma and has successfully incorporated this fungus-like cap into the Organo Gold products. Ganoderma has been highly regarded in all parts of Asia, especially in China. Mr. Chua is the first individual in history to take advantage of an opportunity to promote healthy living on a global basis under the premise of selling this ancient and mystical herb within every Organo Gold product. Mr. Chua’s success with his company can be most noted when his company sponsored the 2015 match between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

The products that Bernardo Chua has incorporated Ganoderma into includes the company’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate, toothpaste, soap, and much more. The Ganoderma fungus is grounded up into a powder through a natural process that is added to the fine powder or mix of the Organo Gold products. Mr. Chua decided to make the products sold of the instant variety so that all one has to do it add water and microwave. Consumers of this product praise the flavor of Organo Gold’s products, as well as the healthy effects that the product provides each individual.

Bernardo Chua announced on Twitter when he first decided to incorporate Ganoderma into the Organo Gold products for the health benefits that they provide. Some of the health benefits of this fungus include alleviating stress, assisting with sleep at night, as well as weight loss. The weight loss in a result of the increased oxygen levels within the body that is required in order for any individual to lose weight. Bernardo Chua and his team are excited to continue the expansion of Organo Gold and to continue with their mission to promote healthy living around the world.

Mar 16

Strategies To Succeed In Investment Banking

Martin Lustgarten, a Miami-based business and a citizen of Austria and Venezuela, has been making fortunes from bank investments. Apparently since 2007 Lustgarten has obtained millions from bank investments, Venezuela banks had been experiencing problems with accessing the dollar especially in paying for imports Lustgarten made a deal with them. He sold the dollars at a relatively higher price, and he obtained huge profits. Martin has been associating with large banks in many countries including France and Singapore and by making deals, he obtains profits. He has also bought companies in Paris and Singapore and Columbia.

In investment banking, Martin Lustgarten uses interesting strategies especially exchanging dollar to the countries where he makes imports especially if the value of the dollar in those countries is high. His company holds over 50 bank accounts in his name in over different countries that they provide importing services. He has also had huge deals with companies like Shell and gained lots of profits from it. From his investment banking strategy, the United States government did not think that Martin was playing right with the banks, but they found no evidence to incriminate him. What he made easy was for Venezuelan banks to get dollars that they would use to pay while importing goods. The dollars Martin Lustgarten provided is from profits made by his companies operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and Panama, who provided capital loans.

Capital loans and purchase order financing are his two ways to get partnerships and make deals with the banks which he has ensured that he has created accounts with most of them in different countries. He earned huge profits from this business in a very short time. He has especially established deals in different countries that even outsmart the thinking of other investment bankers who only invest with banks in their country. Martin describes himself a vintage trader, a lover of all vintage things and a curious collector of beautiful things. Certainly it can be said that his curiosity has what propagated his success in investment banking. His love for vintage trading is also a factor to all his success; he made fortunes in a very short time not common with many traders.

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