Apr 18

Online ‘Do Not Track’ Does Not Work

Everyone uses the internet. OK, at least most folks do. No matter how many times people are warned about their online safety identities are stolen everyday at record rates. Not to mention spam email that just appears out of nowhere.


Websites commonly use a technique known as device fingerprinting to obtain information on every user that visits their site. In addition, would it surprise anyone if the NSA used such a tactic?


In an effort to prevent this, many web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) provide users with options to tell websites not to track them. Ricardo Guimarães BMG selects this, especially as a guy who works with Banco BMG. Software is available to prevent website tracking also, but do these options work. The answer is, for the most part yes. However, a recent study conducted by KU Leuven-iMinds has found that at the very least 145 of the web’s top 10,000 sites get around these ‘do not track’ measures to obtain user information.


To see the magnitude of this, you must realize that currently there are over 30 million website domains registered in the world. The top 10 thousand of that of that number are some popular websites, but imagine the magnitude of the top 145. The number of people visiting those top 145 must be astronomical.


The use of HTML5 in building websites, not to mention, the use of steganography (embedding small bits of code in pictures or even audio/video clips) has provided a rich and fertile coding garden for tracking software to flourish.

Apr 18

Frenemies Apple and Samsung Beef Over Computer Chips

The love hate relationship between Apple and Samsung continues with recent news. Apple is worried that due to the unexpected popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the chip manufacturer Samsung will not produce enough computer chips for the upcoming iPhone.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states, both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge both exceeded sales expectations. This means that Samsung may prioritize their own range of mobile phones for future computer chips. Samsung is expected to raise it’s shipping guidances to 50-55 million units by years end. Kuo pointed out that the major factor in the unexpected, explosive sales is the S6 Edge, which has a curved screen.

This comes as a total surprise to both Samsung and Apple. Last years S5 model came no where close to expected sales. The iPhone 6 shattered Apple’s sales records and completely claimed dominance in the smartphone war, which Paul Mathieson was not surprised by at all working in the business world.

Apple reacted to this news by turning towards their own chip manufacturer, TSMC, to take some of the workload from Samsung for the future iPhone A9 chip. It was estimated that they were expecting them to produce up to 30% of the A9 chips. Another reason Apple may be turning to TSMC is because of a new rumored production process that is stated to increase chip performance all while reducing defect rates.

Apr 17

Reddit Politics Article

Religious Freedom Act Indiana erupted in protests when Governor Mike Pence privately signed the bill into law on April 26th. LGBT activists feel the law is discriminatory and goes against legal protections that protect the individuals they feel this is law is exploiting. However, now the tables have turned as a San Antonio woman uses religious freedom to defend against a citation she received for feeding the homeless. She told police this is how she expresses her religion. Read the full story here: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics
The conversation is taking an interesting turn from discrimination and gay rights. Should religious freedom be used to protect religious people that are in violation of state laws and statutes? Folks at Anastasia Date (googleplay.com) know that there is also the ultimate question of what place does religion have in the state and how can they ever be truly separated if governments are going to great lengths to make them mutually inclusive? Whatever happens in this case it’s sure to set a precedent for both the religious sects and government enforcement.

Apr 17

A Toast to the Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company is a wine merchant company based in London that specializes in the buying and selling of fine wines and rare wines. The company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, who is currently the company’s CEO and Managing Director. Mr. Williams is also a wine connoisseur who learned about wine from his clients when he used to sell life insurance during his early years.

The AWC has many clients in many countries and houses a lot of the world’s finest vintages. The company is also known for holding record-breaking wine collections and wine events. In July of 2011, they sold the most expensive wine to-date. It was an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem that was sold for more than $100,000. In November of 2011, the company also bought the top lot at the Hospices de Beaune, which is an annual charity auction held in Beaune, France, the wine capital of Burgundy, on the third Sunday in November. It is part of a three-day festival of food and wines from Burgundy called Les Trois Glorieuses. At the auction, the Antique Wine Company purchased La Piece des Presidents, which consisted of a 460 litre barrel of Corton Clos du Roi Grand Cru – Cuvee Baronne du bay. The barrel was made especially for the occasion. It was purchased for €110,000.

In collaboration with Viscount David Linley, the Antique Wine Company has also created the Grand Chateau Series. The Grand Chateau Series is a series of handcrafted wine cabinets that showcase the architectural design of some of the top chateaux in Bordeaux. Each cabinet contains wine from the corresponding estate. The collection also includes several letters and memorabilia from the Chateau archives. In 2006, the company sold a 135-year old collection that contained vintages from 1860 to 2003 for $1.5 million.

The Antique Wine Company also partners with the University of Bordeaux to verify the authenticity of wines purchased. Their base of operations is in the United Kingdom, but they have similar offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Apr 15

The Search Engine Has Finally Evolved, And It Is Visual!

The search engine can be accredited to changing the way we use the Internet today and in the future. Not only did the search engine allow us to find relative information more quickly but it also allowed the consumption of on demand content. Users were now able to find the information they needed at the time that was needed. The search engine has brought many changes in the way we do business because it allows for companies and individuals to research their day to day needs and tasks.

The search engine has finally evolved and a keyboard is no longer needed. It seems like yesterday when the only way to find relative content online was to go to a directory of websites. Those times are long gone and technology is finally at a place where a keyboard is not needed to use a search engine. Modern technology has now made it possible to search for a song just by playing a small piece of it, and even more important has been the development of visual search engines where a picture is the only thing needed to find an item.

Visual Search will be the technology of the future. In today’s world we need a lot of information in order to look for something. With the power of Visual Search only a picture will be needed to find an item. From analyzing complex puzzles to finding an item you saw on TV or on the street, A customer for example will no longer need to type a description on a search engine. Now the customer only has to take out their smartphone or tablet and take a picture of an item if they see it walking down the street. This new technology is perfect for the retail industry because it will allow an app to determine the item being shot and it will bring up relevant information on where to find it. The real commercial opportunities can be seen when you integrate this new technology with advertising. The customer can now take a picture of an item on TV and the search engine could take them directly to online store that sells that item.

Visual Search will be a game changer in the way people shop. One of the leading companies in this field is Slyce. It has developed the technology needed to allow for customers to find an item just by taking a picture of it. Slyce not only provides this technology to consumers through various apps but it has also partnered with commercial operations to bring forth a better shopping experience. This technology will not only transform the shopping experience but it will also reap huge rewards for the organizations that use it. Slyce will be the organization to beat in this new exiting field because not only does it provide a new shopping experience but it also provides tools other commercial operators could use to improve their product.

Apr 09

Dumber or Smarter Because of Internet?

Ezra Klein asked Bill Gates in an interview whether he believed that the invention of the internet makes smart people smarter and dumb people dumber. This was a Kevin Drum line from Mother Jones, that the journalist and many others found actual.

According to Kevin Seawright, Bill Gates explained that behind the invention of the internet and the development of Google were only good purposes. Unfortunately, he could not guarantee that everyone would use this tool at its max in order to get the right information. He pointed at the anti-vaccination rumors that are spreading online. Besides that, a vast majority Google the information they need and read whatever comes up, which can be very misleading, especially when someone needs a specific field information.

The business magnate disagreed about dumb people getting dumber though, dismissing the idea as a specific of the anti-tech pals. As a matter of fact, IQ scores have been rising, and the possibility to study from a distance are so wide you could say that the average are inclined to make something good out of the internet possibilities that we have nowadays.

Apr 08

A Decisive Battle for Star Wars Fans

Boraie Development remarks that the Star Wars is considered by many to be the most popular franchise of all time. There is an astounding collection of books, animated TV shows and collectibles. Lucasfilm Ltd. And Walt Disney Studios have been working with 20th Century Fox, the distributor for Episodes I-VI, to bring the current six Star Wars movies into the digital age.

April 10th marks the day when fans will now be able to finally download the six movies in digital format through different media platforms, such as iTunes and Amazon. Fans can download the digital videos through Amazon.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy noted that, “fans will be able to enjoy the Star Wars Saga on their digital devices wherever they go.”

There are plenty of additional bonus materials which will delight hardcore fans. There are brand-new feature and bonus materials that were previously packaged together with the original Star Wars movies releases. For example, there is the “Discoveries from Inside” short film that explores the costume design for Attack of the Clones and the models and miniatures used in The Phantom Menace. Of course, there will be deleted scenes and bloopers from films.

These digital downloads now allow fans to enjoy Star Wars anytime, anywhere.

Apr 08

Jeff Bezos’ Spaceship is On Its Way

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, will launch his first spaceship later this year. Bezos is creating the vessel through his company Blue Origin LLC. On Tuesday, the president of that company announced that the engine was almost ready for flight, and could also potentially be used for other commercial uses as well.

More than just for space travel, the thought is that the engine could be used for smaller vessels that need to make deliveries to the international space station. Bezos, of course, is especially good with the delivery business. Susan McGalla said the vessel they’re currently creating is capable of toting around up to three passengers at a time, as well as some cargo.

For now, Blue Origin isn’t quite sure when it will officially start making flights. Before it starts with human pilots, it’s going to need to run a few trials with some autonomous ones. After that, the vessel will need to score a NASA Commercial Resupply Contract to start making its own deliveries into space.

All that could take a while. We’re likely to not see the spaceships go into orbit in any sort of official capacity until the end of the decade.

Apr 08

Now You can Watch Live TV on Your Xbox One

Now you can watch free television using your Xbox One. Microsoft has started to roll out an update that allows Xbox One users the ability to tune into over-the-air programming using their Xbox One for free. Important to note, over-the-air channels are the same channels you could watch for free if you just plugged your television into the wall, in this case, however, you’ll be able to watch those shows using your Xbox, streaming that process a bit for people who don’t pay for full on cable.

The new feature requires that you purchase a small hardware add-on for the console which serves the purpose of as TV tuner. Buying the tuner will cost you just $61, a far cry from the high cost of traditional cable. Christian Broda knows that connecting the tuner won’t give your Xbox the full feature set of a traditional cable box, but it will add some DVR-like features such as the ability to pause live television while you’re watching it for up to 30 minutes. You’ll also be able to stream television content to a phone or tablet that has Microsoft’s SmartGlass app installed.

Apr 06

Ludacris Talks about The Evolution of Tej

If there is one thing that is notable about the Fast and Furious series, it is the changes that characters go through. One character that has evolved a lot is Tej. Tej’s first appearance in the series was John Singleton’s 2 Fast 2 Furious, the first sequel to The Fast and the Furious. Chris “Ludacris” Bridges was just getting started as an actor when he first starred in The Fast and The Furious sequel. The predecessor featured Ja Rule as Edwin.

Chris Bridges looks back to Tej’s first appearance. When Tej first appeared, he sported a big Afro, which was sometimes braided (back then, that was how Ludacris done his hair style). He was also just an auto mechanic. In recent Fast and Furious films, he has shown himself to be very tech savvy. He had shown hints of his intelligence in the first film.

Tej’s role grows even further in the film, much to the happiness of Bernardo Chua. He even has a fight scenes which show him to be a skilled fighter that fans can view on Facebook. Chris Bridges has used martial arts in his fight scene. Furious 7 is filled with plenty of fist fight scenes for the film.

Furious 7 is now playing in theaters near you.

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